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Dr. Harish Kumar Sahoo  [Electronics and Tele-communication]

Harish Kumar Sahoo
Name : Dr. Harish Kumar Sahoo
Designation : Associate Professor
Phone No. : +91-9437086263
Email Id : harish_sahoo@yahoo.co.in
Date of Birth : 22-07-1975
Date of Joining : 01-11-2016
  • Qualification

    B.E. (Utkal University), M.Tech. (N.I.T. Rourkela), Ph.D. (Engineering) (Sambalpur University)
  • Specialization

    Electronic Systems & Communication
  • Experience

    1. Teaching: 14 Years
    2. Research: 08 Years
  • Subject Teaching

    Graduate Level

    : Advanced Digital Communication

    Post Graduate Level

    : Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Research Area

    Channel estimation and equalization in MIMO Wireless system, Adaptive System Identification, Neural Networks
  • Research Guidance

    Ph. D. Candidates

    : 03 (Continuing)

    M. Tech. Candidates

    : 01(Awarded)
  • Awards & Honours

    1.Elevated to IEEE Senior Member in 2015
  • Members of Professional Bodies

  • Sponsored Projects & Consultancy

    1.Successfully Completed the Consultancy Work on "GAGAN Satellite enabled GPS PDAs" for Dept. of Forest, Govt. of Odisha during 2015-16 on behalf of Dept. of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Dept., IIIT Bhubaneswar,Odisha.
  • Publications

    International Publications

    1.Ram Narayan Patro, Subhashree Subudhi, Pradyut Kumar Biswal, & Harish Kumar Sahoo, "Probabilistic Histogram-Based Band Selection and Its Effect on Classification of Hyperspectral Images", Springer Adavances in Intelligent Systems and Computing(AISC) Book Series, vol.816, pp.559-570, Dec. 2018
    2.Ram Narayan Patro, Subhashree Subudhi, Pradyut Kumar Biswal, FabioDell’Acqua & Harish Kumar Sahoo,"Conditional nearest regularized subspace classifiers: a fast classification approach for HSI"International Journal of Remote Sensing(Taylor and Francis), 2019, https://doi.org/10.1080/01431161.2019.1629717
    3.Harish K.Sahoo, B.Mohanty and B.Patnaik, "Block and Fast Block Sparse Adaptive Filtering for Outdoor Wireless Channel Estimation and Equalization", Springer Wireless Personal Communications,vol. 98,issue 3, pp.3003-3019, Feb. 2018
    4.U.Subudhi , Harish K.Sahoo and Sajeev K. Mishra, “Harmonics and Decaying DC Estimation Using Volterra LMS/F Algorithm” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications,vol. 54,issue 2, pp.1108-1118, Mar-Apr 2018
    5.U.Subudhi , Harish K.Sahoo and Sajeev K. Mishra, " Tracking of power quality disturbances using sparse model–based extended Kalman filters", International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing(Wiley), vol. 32,issue 10, pp. 1489-1507, Oct. 2018
    6.B.Mohanty,Harish K.Sahoo, and B.Patnaik, "Block NLMS/F Equalizer Design and Channel Capacity Analysis for Indoor IEEE 802.11 Fading Wireless Channels", Signal, Image and Video Processing Journal of Springer,Dec. 2018, DOI: 10.1007/s11760-018-1398-2
    7.H.K. Sahoo and P.K. Dash, “Tracking of non-stationary distorted power signals using complex H∞ filter”, Inderscience International Journal of Automation and Control, vol. 5,pp. 22-43,2011
    8.H.K. Sahoo ,P.K. Dash and N.P. Rath, “Frequency estimation of distorted non-stationary signals using complex  H∞ filter”, Elsevier, International Journal of Electronics and Communications, vol. 66,pp.267-274,2012
    9.H.K. Sahoo, P.K. Dash and N.P. Rath, “NARX model based nonlinear dynamic system identification using low complexity neural networks and robust H∞ filter” Elsevier Applied Soft Computing, vol. 13, pp.3324-3334, 2103
    10.Harish K. Sahoo and P.K. Dash, “Robust Estimation of Power quality disturbances using unscented H∞ filter”, Elsevier International journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, vol. 73, pp.438-447, 2015


    1.H.K. Sahoo ,P.K. Dash , N.P. Rath and R.Kant, “Estimation of power quality using complex H∞ Filter,” IEEE International Conference on Power Systems(ICPS 2009), pp. 1-6, IIT KharagpurIndia, 27-29 December 2009.
    2.H.K. Sahoo ,P.K. Dash ,N.P. Rath and B.N.Sahu, “Harmonic estimation in a power System using hybrid H∞-adaline algorithm,” IEEE International conference(TENCON 2009), pp. 1-6, Singapore,23-26 Jan. 2009.
    3.H.K. Sahoo ,P.K. Dash and N.P. Rath, “Frequency estimation of non-stationary signals using complex H∞ filter,” IEEE International confernce on Recent Advances in Intelligent Computational Systems(RAICS 2011) , pp. 593-598 , Kerala, India, 22-24 Sept. 2011.
    4.H.K. Sahoo ,Pooja Sharma and N.P. Rath, “Robust harmonic estimation using Forgetting Factor RLS ,” IEEE Region 10 Annual India Conference (INDICON 2011), pp. 1-5, BIT, Hyderabad,India, 16-18 Dec. 2011.
    5.H.K. Sahoo and N.P. Rath, “Robust adaptive filtering approach for envelope and harmonic estimation,” IEEE International Conference on Energy, Automation, and Signal (ICEAS 2011), pp. 1-5, SOA University, Bhubaneswar, India, 28-30 Dec. 2011.
    6.R.Patro and H.K. Sahoo, “ Academic Embedded Update and Scope for Employment”, in Proc. IEEE 3rd International Conference on MOOCs, Innovation and Technology in Education, Amritsar, Punjab,pp. 92-95, 2015.
    7.H.K. Sahoo and U. Subudhi, “Harmonics and Decaying DC using Volterra RLS ”’ in Proc. IEEE Power, Communication and Information Technology Conference (PCITC), SOA University, Bhubaneswar, 2015.
    8.U. Subudhi and H.K. Sahoo, “Adaptive Estimation of Power System Harmonics and Decaying DC using Volterra LMS/F Algorithm”’ in Proc. IEEE Power electronics, Intelligent Control and Energy Systems ,Delhi Technological University, Bhubaneswar, 2016.
    9.H.K. Sahoo and Basabdatta Mohanty, “Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalizer for SISO Communication Channel using combined FIR-Neural Network and Fast Block LMS. Accepted in IEEE INDICON-2016, IISc, Bangalore.
  • Books/ Chapter Published

  • Seminar/ Symposia/ Short term Course organized

    1. Convener of Workshop on Advances in Signal processing for Power, Control & communication (ASPCC), IIIT BBSR,-2013, 27th -29th June
    2. Convener of A Workshop on Image and Signal processing Applications using Xilinx System Generator ,IIIT BBSR,-2014, 19th-20th June
  • Extra Responsibility

    1. Branch Counselor IEEE Student Branch, IIIT Bhubaneswar from 2011 to October 2016
    2. Asst. Hostel Warden at IIIT Bhubaneswar till October 2016
    3. Branch Coordinator ETC Branch form 2011-2014, IIIT Bhubaneswar
  • Other Informations

    • Reviewer of
      1. IEEE Transaction on Power Delivery
      2. IEEE Transaction on Instrumentation and Measurement
      3. Elsevier International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems(IJEPES)
      4. Elsevier International Journal of Electronics and Communications(AEUE)
      5. Elsevier ISA Transaction
      6. Elsevier Journal of Franklin Institute
      7. Taylor and Francis Electric Power Components and Systems
      8. Springer ZUSC
      9. Transactions Fuzzy Systems
      10. Elsevier Ocean Engineering
  • Address for Communication

    Present Address : 
    Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering,
    VSSUT, Burla, Sambalpur-768018, Odisha
      Permanent Address : 
    AT- Gobind Pur, P.O.-Ghutur,
    Dist-Keonjhar,Pin-758002, Odisha
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