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Dr. Sanjay Agrawal  [Electronics and Tele-communication]

Sanjay Agrawal
Name : Dr. Sanjay Agrawal
Designation : Associate Professor
Phone No. : 0663-2430096
Email Id : sagrawal_etc@vssut.ac.in(official), agrawals_72@yahoo.com (personal)
Date of Birth : 11-12-1972
Date of Joining : 27-01-2006
  • Qualification

    B.E (S.U), M.Tech(B.P.U.T), PhD(S.U)
  • Specialization

    Communication System Engineering (M.Tech)
  • Experience

    1. Academia at:
      • VSSUT, Burla as an Associate Professor from 18th Apr 2015 to till date.
      • VSSUT, Burla as an Reader from 27th Jan 2009 to 17th Apr 2015.
      • VSSUT, Burla as an Lecturer from 27th Jan 2006 to 26th Jan 2009.
      • ITER, Bhubaneswar as an Lecturer from 5th Mar 2005 to 25th Jan 2006.
      • ITER, Bhubaneswar as an Sr. Lecturer from 6th Apr 2004 to 4th Mar 2005.
      • ITER, Bhubaneswar as an Lecturer from 1st Oct 1999 to 5th Apr 2004.
  • Subject Teaching

    Graduate Level

    : Graduate level: AEC, DSP, DIP, DEC

    Post Graduate Level

    : Postgraduate level: ECCC, CNS
  • Research Area

    Image/Signal Processing, Soft Computing
  • Research Guidance

    Ph. D. Candidates

    : 04 Nos(in progress)

    M. Tech. Candidates

    : 15 Nos
  • Awards & Honours

    1.High Citation Research Certificate from SWEVO, Elsevier
  • Members of Professional Bodies

  • Sponsored Projects & Consultancy

    1.ProjectsApplied to SERB, AICTE
  • Publications (
    International Publications:

    International Publications

    1.Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda, Ajith Abraham "A Novel Diagonal Class Entropy-Based Multilevel Image Thresholding Using Coral Reef Optimization", "IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems" (page nos - 1-9, year 2018).
    2.Lingraj Dora, Sanjay Agrawal, Rutuparna Panda, Ajith Abraham "Nested cross-validation based adaptive sparse representation algorithm and its application to pathological brain classification", "Expert Syst. With Appl, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017)-3.92, h-index: 112. vol. no. - 114" (page nos - 313-321, year 2018).
    3.BikashMeher,Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda "A survey on region based image fusion methods", "Information Fusion, Elsevier"
    4.Sanjay Agrawal, Rutuparna Panda, L. Samantaray,Ajith Abraham "A novel automated absolute intensity difference based technique for optimal MR brain image thresholding", "Journal of King Saud University – Computer and Information Sciences, SNIP-1.65 " (year 2017).
    5.Lingraj Dora, Sanjay Agrawal, Rutuparna Panda, Ajith Abraham "An evolutionary single Gabor kernel based filter approach to face recognition", "Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Impact factor (2017)-2.89, vol. no. - 62 " (page nos - 286-301, year 2017).
    6.Lingraj Dora, Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda, Ajith Abraham "Optimal breast cancer classification using Gauss–Newton representation based algorithm", "Expert Syst. With Appl, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017)-3.92, h-index: 112. vol. no. - 85" (page nos - 134-145, year 2017).
    7.Lingraj Dora, Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda, Ajith Abraham "State of the art methods for brain tissue segmentation: A review","IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, SNIP-3.599(2017) , vol. no. - 10" (page nos - 235-249, year 2017).
    8.Rutuparna Panda,Sanjay Agrawal,LeenaSamantaray,Ajith Abraham "An evolutionary gray gradient algorithm for multilevel thresholding of brain MR images using soft computing techniques.","Appl. Soft Computing, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017) - 3.54, h-index: 75. vol. no. - 50" (page nos - 94-108, year 2017).
    9.Rutuparna Panda, Sanjay Agrawal,MadhusmitaSahoo,R Nayak "A novel evolutionary rigid body docking algorithm for medical image registration","Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017)-3.89, h-index: 22. vol. no. 33" (page nos - 108-118, year 2016).
    10.Sanjay Agrawal, Rutuparna Panda,Lingraj Dora "A study on fuzzy clustering for magnetic resonance brain image segmentation using soft computing approaches"," Appl. Soft Computing, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017) - 3.54, h-index: 75. vol. no. 24" (page nos - 522-533, year 2014).
    11.Rutuparna Panda,Sanjay Agrawal, SudiptaBhuyan "Edge magnitude based multilevel thresholding using Cuckoo search technique", "Expert Syst. With Appl, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017)-3.92, h-index: 112. vol. no. 40 (18)" (page nos - 7617-7628, year 2013).
    12.Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda,SudiptaBhuyan,Bijaya K. Panigrahi "Tsallis entropy based optimal multilevel thresholding using cuckoo search algorithm", "Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Elsevier, Impact factor (2017)-3.89, h-index: 22. vol. no. 11" (page nos - 16-30, year 2013)
  • Books/ Chapter Published
    (07 in Springer)

    1.BikashMeher,Sanjay Agrawal,P K Mishro "A region based optimal multifocus image fusion scheme","International Conference on Recent Innovations in Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ICRIEECE)" (page nos - 1-5, year 2018).
    2.Lingaraj Dora,Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda "Brain tumor extraction using optimal Gabor wavelet and Otsu’s thresholding", "International Conference on recent innovations in electrical, electronics and communication engineering (ICRIEECE)" (page nos - 1-6, year - 2018).
    3.Lingaraj Dora,Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda, Ajith Abraham "A Novel Optimal Gabor Algorithm for Face Classification", "7th International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving (SocProS)" (page nos - 1-6, year 2017).
    4.P K Mishro,S Agrawal, L Dora,R Panda "A fuzzy C-means clustering approach to HMRF-EM model For MRI brain tissue segmentation" , "Computer Applications In Electrical Engineering-Recent Advances (CERA)" (page nos - 1-6, year 2017).
    5.Lingaraj Dora,Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda "Gauss-Newton Representation Based Algorithm for Magnetic Resonance Brain Image Classification" , "Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, SPRINGER, Vol. 736, ISSN: 2194-5357 (page nos - 294-304, year 2018).
    6.Sanjay Agrawal, Leena Samantaray, Rutuparna Panda "A novel hybrid CS-BFO algorithm for optimal multilevel image thresholding using edge magnitude information", "Hybrid Soft Computing for Image Segmentation" SPRINGER,ISBN: 978-331947223-2;978-331947222-5 (page nos - 53-85 , year 2016).
    7.Lingaraj Dora,Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda "BFO-RLDA: A New Classification Scheme for Face Images Using Probabilistic Reasoning Model", "Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 8297, SPRINGER,ISSN:0302-9743" (page nos - 88-97 , year 2013).
    8. Sanjay Agrawal, S.Swain, L.Dora "BFO-ICA based multi focus image fusion", "IEEE Symposium on Swarm Intelligence (SIS),ISBN:, 978-1-4673-6004-3", (page nos - 194-199, year 2013).
    9.Sanjay Agrawal,Rutuparna Panda "An Efficient Algorithm for Gray Level Image Enhancement Using Cuckoo Search ", "Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 7677, ISSN:0302-9743 SPRINGER", (page nos - 82-89, year 2012).
    10.Sanjay Agrawal, Rutuparna Panda,Lingaraj Dora "An Efficient Algorithm for Multi-focus Image Fusion Using PSO-ICA ", "Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 7076,ISSN:0302-9743 SPRINGER", (page nos - 159-166, year 2011).
    11.Rutuparna Panda,Sanjay Agrawal "EBFS-ICA: An Efficient Algorithm for CT-MRI Image Fusion. ", "Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6466,ISSN:0302-9743 SPRINGER", (page nos - 351-361, year 2010).
  • Seminar/ Symposia/ Short term Course organized

    02 Nos
  • Extra Responsibility

    PIC-Alumni Relations
  • Other Informations

    • Head of the Department (2011-2014)
    • Nodal officer (Procurement) TEQIP II (2012-2016)
    • Member OJEE Committee-2015, 2014, 2009 and 2008
  • Address for Communication

    Present Address : 
    Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, VSSUT, Burla-768018
      Permanent Address : 
    Near Balaji Temple, Khetrajpur, Sambalpur Odisha-768003
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