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Mechanical Engineering Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 M.Tech 2nd CAD and Manufacturing MME-1213 Download
2 B.Tech Metal Forming Process BME 312 Download
3 B.Tech Operation Management MME 1216 Download
4 B.Tech Advanced Casting and Welding MME 1112 Download
5 B.Tech 4th Fluid Mechanics Download
6 B.Tech 5th Fluid Dynamics & Hydraulic Machines Download
7 B.Tech 8th Mechanical Vibration Download
8 B.Tech 5th Machine Design - II Download
9 B.Tech 5th Metal Forming Process Download
10 B.Tech Machine Dynamics - I Download
11 B.Tech 8th Internal Combustion Engine and Gas Turbines BME 423 Download
12 B.Tech 6th Machine Dynamics II BME 317 Download
13 B.Tech 8th Production and Operation Management Download
14 B.Tech 8th Automobile Engineering Download
15 B.Tech 6th Industrial Engineering and Operation Research BME 316 Download
16 B.Tech 8th Introduction to Nanotechnology Download
17 B.Tech 5th Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Engg. BME 308 Download
18 B.Tech Machine Dynamics – I Download
19 B.Tech. 5th Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics BME 307 Download
20 B.Tech 5th Digital Circuit and Design BEC 1405 Download
21 B.Tech 7th Refrigeration Engineering BME 421 Download
22 B.Tech 7th Power Plant Engineering BME 419 Download
23 B.Tech. Engineering Thermodynamics Download
24 B.Tech. 5th Manufacturing Science & Technology - II BME 311 Download
25 B.Tech 7th Metrology Quality Control & Reliability BME 420 Download
26 B.Tech 3rd Conventional Machining Processes and Machine Tools Download
27 B.Tech 3rd Welding and Cutting Process Download
28 B.Tech 3rd Manufacturing Science & Technology-I Download
29 B.Tech 1st & 2nd Engineering Mechanics BME 101 Download
30 B.Tech Mechanics of Solids BME 203 Download
31 B.Tech 5th Machine Design-I BME 310 Download
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