Mechanical Engineering

Name : Dr. Pandaba Patro
Designation : Reader/Assistant Professor
Phone No. : 9776152525
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Date of Birth : 15-04-1977
Date of Joining : 04-02-2016
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PhD from IIT Kharagpur (2010-2013)

Thermal and Fluid Science

Teaching Experience: Around 12 years (Worked in KIIT University, Bhubaneswar; NIST, Berhampur; DIT, Dehradun) Industry Experience: 06 Months (Worked in Schlumberger, Pune and Texas, USA)

Graduate Level : Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Fluid dynamics and hydraulic machines, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer
Post Graduate Level : Conduction and radiation heat transfer, Convective heat and mass transfer

Conjugate heat transfer, Compact heat exchangers, Multi-phase flows, Jet Impingement cooling, Nanofluid flow

Ph. D. Candidates : 01 (Completed from IIT Dhanbad), 04 (Continuing at VSSUT Burla)
M. Tech. Candidates : 16 (Completed), 01 (Continuing)
  1. N K Iyengar Memorial Award by The Institution of Engineers (India) for the year 2019.
  2. National Rural Talent Scholarship (1992-94)
  3. National Scholarship (1995-96)
  4. Qualified GATE – 2006 with All India rank 554.
  5. MHRD Scholarship during MTech programme at IIT Guwahati (2006-08).
  6. MHRD Scholarship during PhD programme at IIT Khargpur (2010-13).
  7. MTech (Thermal and Fluid science) Topper in IIT Guwahati, 2006-2008 batch.
  8. Got selected in Schlumberger in campus placement (First day First Company) with highest package among all MTech students in IIT Guwahati (December 2007)
  9. IIT Bombay-Monash University Australia Research Fellowship in 2009.
Life Member of Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer (Membership No. 1421)

International Publications

  1. Barik, S. Rout and P. Patro, Evolution of designs for constructal cooling of a square plate using water, ionic liquid (ILs) and nano-enhanced ionic liquids (NEILs), ASME Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications, 12, 021020 1-10 (2020). (Q1 Journal)
  2. P. Patro, A. K. Barik, and B. Patro, Computational study of a turbulent gas-solid confined jet flow, Powder Technology, 297 (2016), 229-238. (Q1 Journal)
  3. P. Patro, Computation of wall to suspension heat transfer in vertical pipes, Drying Technology, 34 (6) (2016), 703-712. (Q1 Journal)
  4. A. K. Barik, A. Mukherjee and P. Patro, Heat transfer enhancement from a mini rectangular channel with different surface protrusions by a turbulent cross flow jet, International Journal of Thermal Science, 98 (2015), 32-41. (Q1 Journal)
  5. A. K. Barik, S. Dash, P. Patro and S. Mohapatra, Experimental and numerical investigation of air entrainment into a louvered funnel, Applied Ocean Research, 48 (2014), 176-185. (Q1 Journal)
  6. P. Patro, B. Patro and S. Murugan, Prediction of Two-Phase Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Dilute Gas-Solid Flows: A Numerical Investigation, Drying Technology, 32 (10) (2014), 1167-1178. (Q1 Journal)
  7. P. Patro and S. Dash, Two-fluid modeling of particulate two-phase flows in vertical pipes, Powder Technology, 264 (2014), 320–331. (Q1 Journal)
  8. P. Patro and S. Dash, Prediction of acceleration length in turbulent gas-solid flows, Advanced Powder Technology, 25 (2014), 1643-1652. (Q1 Journal)
  9. P. Patro and S. Dash, Computations of particle-laden turbulent jet flows based on Eulerian model, ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering, 136 (2014), 011301 1-16. (Q1 Journal)
  1. P. Patro, CFD Modeling of a Compact Pin Fin Heat Exchanger: Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (2013), (ISBN: 978-3-659-32814-5)
  2. P. Patro, S. Dash, Computation of dilute phase Pneumatic conveying in pipes and jets, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (2017) (ISBN: 978-620-2-05672-4)
  3. Book Chapters: Dewan, L. dayanand, P Patro, Mathematical modeling and computation of three dimensional, turbulent, convective heat transfer in a heat exchanger with circular pin fins, Applied mathematical modeling. Nova Science Publishers, Inc., USA (2008), 273-296. (ISBN: 978-1-60021-975-7).
  4. P. Patro and D. Mishra, Pressure Drop in Vertical Pneumatic Conveying: Comparison between Numerical Predictions with Existing Correlations Advances in Applied Mechanical Engineering: Select Proceedings of ICAMER 2019 (Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering), Springer; 1st ed. (2020). (ISBN-10: 9811512000, ISBN-13: 978-9811512001).
Organized a one week AICTE QIP sponsored short term course on Numerical modeling of heat transfer and fluid flow using OpenFOAM, 26th -31st March 2018 at VSSUT, Burla
PIC (Horticulture) DAC member, Department of ME Warden, Marichi Hall of Residence Advisor to Mechanical Engineering Society Co-ordinator (MTech in Heat Power Engineering Specialization) PIC (Heat Transfer Lab) SMCC Coordinator (Mechanical Engineering)

My motto of life “Live happily and let others live happily”. I do not have an iota of respect for corrupts and frauds because they are anti-nationals. 

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, VSSUT Burla, Odisha-768018
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Village: Chadhiapalli, Po: Mangalpur, Dist: Ganjam, Odisha-761115