Information Technology

Name : Dr. Pradipta Kumar Das
Designation : Assistant Professor
Phone No. : +91 8480142375
Email Id :
Date of Joining : 02-06-2012

B.E, M.Tech (Jadavpur University) Ph.D

Machine Intelligent and Computer Vision, Emotional Intelligent, Robotics, Video processing

17 years teaching experience

Graduate Level : Compiler Construction, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Soft Computing, Robotics, Theory of Computation, RDBMS, Data Structure, OS, Artificial Intelligence, OOPs
Post Graduate Level : Computational Intelligence, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Compiler Design.

Machine Intelligent and Computer Vision, Emotional Intelligent, Robotics, Video processing.

Ph. D. Candidates : 02 No.s (Contd…)
M. Tech. Candidates : 11 Nos
  1. Young IT Professional Award by CSI, India in the field of research in 2014.

International Publications

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International Conferences

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