Mechanical Engineering

Name : Dr. Sumanta Panda
Designation : Associate Professor & Head
Phone No. : +919439210888
Email Id :
Date of Birth : 01-07-1976
Date of Joining : 01-03-2006

B.E(Mech.) -UCE Burla (1999), MTech-IIT Delhi (2005), PhD- Sambalpur University(2012)

Robot Mechanism, Condition Monitoring, Bearing Dynamics

Teaching-13 years, Industrial-3 years

Graduate Level : Mechanics, Tribology, Machine Design, AMOS, NTM, Metal Forming
Post Graduate Level : Theory of Elasticity and Plasticity, Tribology, Manufacturing System and Automation, Diagnostics Technique.

Robot Mechanism Design, Condition Monitoring

Ph. D. Candidates : 02 (Submitted) 04(Continued)
M. Tech. Candidates : 20 Nos (Completed) 01 (On-going)
  1. 2018-Outstanding contribution in reviewing-J Mfg. Process (Elsevier)
  2. 2017-Reviewer award JKSU-Engineering Science (Elsevier)
  3. 2017-Reviewer award CIM & Robotics (Elsevier)
  4. 2016-Reviewer award Applied Soft Computing (Elsevier)

International Publications

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  2. S. Panda et al. Workspace optimisation of 3R manipulator – a multi-objective approach, International journal of intelligent machine and robotics,2018, (In press)
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International Conferences

  1. S. Panda et al. Prediction Of Surface Quality Using Chip Morphology With Nodal Temperature Signatures In Hard Turning Of AISI D3 Steel, Material today,2018.
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  1. Co-coordinator National Seminar on Recent Advances in Material Science RAIMS-13
  2. Co-coordinator National Seminar on Recent Advances in Material Science RAIMS-14
  3. Coordinator, Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development and challenges-2016
  4. Coordinator, Workshop on Management capacity enhancement- A Technical education prospective
  5. Nanotechnology: Present and Future Aspects in Science and Engineering (NASE-16) as the capacity of Co-coordinator
  6. Coordinator, Skill Development Programme for Welding,27th June - 2nd July 2016.
  7. Coordinator,Workshop on Management capacity enhancement-A Technical education perspective-09–10.04.2016
  8. Coordinator TEQIP Sponcer STC on Recent Developments In Plant Maintenance And Condition Monitoring Of Machinery (Rdpmcmm) 10-04-2017 To 15-04-2017
Co-ordinator T&P, Comitee for conducting Examination, HOD, PE Department,HOD, Chemical Engineering Departmenet,BOS member of Production Engineering, DAC member Production Engg. DAC member Mechanical Engg, Member Academic Council, Member DSC, Member DPC,Member Conducting board.
  • Reviewer of Professional Journals:
    1. Applied soft Computing, Elsevier.
    2. Engineering Optimization, Taylor & Francis.
    3. Journal of Mechanical Science Part C, IMechE.
    4. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer.
    5. International Journal of Structure and Multi-Disciplinary Optimization,Springer.
    6. SAE Transaction.
    7. International Journal of Industrial Robot, Emerald.
    8. Robotica Cambridge Press.
    9. Robotics & Computer Integrated Manufacturing,Elsevier.
    10. Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence.
    11. Mechanism and Machine Theory, Elsevier.
    12. Journal of Brazillian society of Mechanical science & Engineering,Springer.
    13. Tribology in Industry, Journal of the Serbian Tribology Society.
    14. BioMed research journal, Hindawi.
    15. Int. . of Manufacturing Technology Management, Inderscience.
    16. Journa of King saud University- Engineering Science, Elsevier.
    17. National academic science letter.Springer.
    18. Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines, An International Journal,Taylor & Francis
    19. Book Proposal: Integrated Long term forecasting, Elsevier.
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