Computer Application Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 MCA Data Communication and Computer Network MCA-210 Download
2 MCA 2nd Object-Oriented Programming using C++ MCA-108 Download
3 MCA 4th Analysis and Design of Algorithms MCA-209 Download
4 MCA 3rd Computer Graphics & Multimedia MCA-204 Download
5 MCA 1st Internet Technology MCA-301 Download
6 MCA 5th Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java MCA-304 Download
7 MCA 1st Principles of Programming Language MCA-104 Download
8 MCA Software Engineering & OOAD MCA-201 Download
9 MCA Programming In C MCA 101 Download
10 MCA 4th RDBMS MCA-208 Download
11 MCA 4th Automata Theory MCA 207 Download
12 MCA 3rd Operating System MCA-202 Download
13 MCA 5th Artificial Intelligence MCA-308 Download
14 MCA 1st Simulation and Modeling (S & M) MCA-302 Download
15 MCA 1st Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming (MALP) MCA-102 Download