Electrical Engineering Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B.Tech 6th Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution BEE-601 Download
2 B.Tech 7th Embedded System Download
3 B.Tech 7th Non conventional energy sourses (NCES) or Renewable Energy sources BEE 1703 Download
4 B.Tech 6th & 7th Control System Engineering-II CSE-II Download
5 B.Tech 4th Electronics Circuits Download
6 B.Tech 5th Digital Circuit and Design BEC 1405 Download
7 B.Tech 7th Electrical Engineering Material Download
8 B.Tech 7th Switch Gear and Protective Devices BEE 1701 Download
9 B.Tech 3rd Electrical Machine 1 (Part-2) BEE-1302 Download
10 B.Tech 4th Electrical Machine-II (Part-II) BEE 1401 Download
11 B.Tech 4th Electrical Machine-II (Part-I) BEE 1401 Download
12 B.Tech 6th Power Electronics BEE 1602 Download
13 B.Tech 6th Power System-II BEE 1604 Download
14 B.Tech. 7th Electrical Drives and Traction BEE Download
15 B.Tech Control System Engineering - I Download
16 B.Tech 6th Electromagnetic Theory Download
17 B.Tech 5th signals and systems - I BEE- 1605 Download
18 B.Tech 5th Microprocessor and Micro-controller Theory and Applications BEE-1501 Download
19 B.Tech 5th & 6th Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Download
20 B.Tech 3rd Electrical Machine 1 (Part-1) BEE-1302 Download
21 B.Tech 7th Power System-III BEE 1711 Download
22 B.Tech 8th Soft Computing BCS 1705 Download
23 B.Tech 8th High Voltage Engineering Download
24 B.Tech 3rd Network Theory BEE 1303 Download
25 B.Tech 7th Power System Operation and Control BEE 701 Download
26 B.Tech 3rd EOEM lecture BEE 1301 Download
27 B.Tech 5th Power System-I BEE1507 Download
28 B.Tech 5th Power Station Engineering BEE 1504 Download
29 B.Tech 1st & 2nd Basic Electrical Engineering BEE-1101 Download