Production Engineering Lesson Plan

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 M.Tech 1st Rapid Manufacturing Processes MMSPE101 Download
2 M.Tech 1st Manufacturing System Models MPEMS101 Download
3 M.Tech 1st Advanced Maintenance Engineering MMSPE105 Download
4 M.Tech 2nd Enterprise resource planning MMSPE205 Download
5 M.Tech 3rd Finite Element Analysis in Manufacturing MMSPE301 Download
6 B.Tech 8th Robotics & Flexible Manufacturing Systems BPEPE801 Download
7 B.Tech 8th Quality Assurance & Reliability BPEPE804 Download
8 B.Tech 8th Rapid Prototyping & Tooling BPEPE805 Download
9 B.Tech 8th Computer Integrated Manufacturing BPEPE806 Download
10 B.Tech 7th Automation and NC Machine BPE07001 Download
11 B.Tech 7th Non-Traditional Machining BPE07002 Download
12 B.Tech 7th Project Management BPEOE703 Download
13 B.Tech 6th Theory of Metal Forming BPE06001 Download
14 B.Tech 6th Principle of Machine Tools BPE06002 Download
15 B.Tech 6th Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Engineering BPEPE601 Download
16 B.Tech 6th Manufacturing & Design of Composites BPEPE602 Download
17 B.Tech 6th Statistical Methods and Design of Experiments BPEPE605 Download
18 B.Tech 6th Finite Element Method in Manufacturing BPEPE606 Download
19 B.Tech 6th Production and Operation Management BPEPE607/ BPEOE602 Download
20 B.Tech 5th Design of Machine Elements BPE05001 Download
21 B.Tech 5th Inspection and Metrology BPE05002 Download
22 B.Tech 5th Tool Design BPE05003 Download
23 B.Tech 5th Advanced Casting & Welding BPEPE502 Download
24 B.Tech 5th Maintenance Engineering & Management BPEPE505/BPEOE501 Download
25 B.Tech 5th Mechatronics BPEOE503 Download
26 B.Tech 4th Theory of Machine BPE04001 Download
27 B.Tech 4th Strength of Materials BPE04002 Download
28 B.Tech 4th Theory of Metal Cutting BPE04003 Download
29 B.Tech 3rd Thermodynamics BPE03001 Download
30 B.Tech 3rd Materials Engineering & Metallurgy (MEM) BPE03002 Download
31 B.Tech 3rd Basic Manufacturing Processes BPE03003 Download