Central Library

A. General Information

The University Library is the largest technical library of the State. A new separate library building has come up with the assistance from U.G.C. and State Govt. and the library has started functioning in its newly constructed building since July, 1997.

The new library building is a three storied one having area of 10,900 sq. ft. The different sections of the library have been planned in different floors. The ground floor is used for the Circulation Section and the General book Bank. The first floor houses the Journal Section, Reference Section, Reprographic Section and the Administrative Section of the Library. The top floor is used for Text Book Section. There is a reading hall with capacity for 100 students in this floor. A portion of this floor is used for housing the SC/ST Book Bank. The Library remains open from 10 AM to 8PM on all working days of the week except in the hot summer months (April & May) during which there is a break from 1 PM to 2.30 PM.

The total acquisition of the Library is more than 70,000 volumes including Photostat and microfilms. About 70% of the total collection is of Engineering disciplines and balance 30% is of Science, Humanities and General reference type. The library has one microfilm reader for reading microfilms.

Our University is now a member of Indian National Digital Library in Engineering Science and Technology with financial support provided by the All India Council of Technical Education. As such online access to the journals of ASCE. ASME and IEL is available to all the members of the Library. Further under the auspices of the INDEST we have access to JET (J-Gate Engineering and Technology). Due to financial constraints imposed by our finding authority (the Government of Orissa) we have been forced to discontinue subscription to all foreign journals from the Calendar year 2004. However, the Library subscribes to twenty-seven (27) National journals. The current periodicals are displayed in the Journal Hall of the Library.

Membership cards of students are renewed every year in the beginning of the academic session for which the students have to apply in the prescribed form available in the Library.

B. Loan Privilege

Undergraduate Students 2 Books for 2 weeks
P.G. Students 4 Books for 1 week
Teachers 15 Books for 5 for semester &10 for 2 weeks
Others 2 Books for 2 weeks

C. General Rules

1. The members will get, at a time of membership, a borrower's card. On each occasion, a book is borrowed or returned, the borrower's card is to be presented at the issue counter for necessary entry.

2. Borrowers card will be issued to the students on application till 2 months from the date of admission and after that Rs. 10/- will be levied for late application.

3. Books on loan with members can be recalled by the library at any time.

4. Manuscripts, reference books, damaged books, rare books, standard books are not issued ordinarily on loan.

5. Bound volume periodicals are issued to teachers only for a maximum periods of 7 days. Unbound journals are not issued to any members.

6. Before entering the library the gate register is to singed and borrower's card shown at the counter. Private books and personal belongings should be deposited at the property counter and token obtained from them. In no case briefcases or bags or purse are allowed inside the library.

7. Cards are not transferable, Sub lending of books is not permissible.

8. Borrowers must satisfy themselves about the physical condition of the book before borrowing. Otherwise they will be held responsible for any damage or mutilating noticed at the time or returning.

9. Library books after return should be retained for 24 hours in the library for the purpose of checking of damage claim etc. before they are issued.

10. Loss or misuse of cards; Special care should be taken that the membership card is not misplaced or lost. All losses are to be reported immediately to the library. Duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 10/-. The member however will continue to be responsible for any loss which the library may suffer through the loss or misuse of card.

11. Change of address : Members should keep the library informed of any change of address during the period of membership.

12. No marginal or other notes shall be made in the library books nor shall any page of pictures and charts be removed or torned. In such a case the borrowers may be asked to replace the book or pay in cash an amount equal to five the present cost of the book. The same procedure will also be followed in case of loss.

13. All those who may happen to be inside the library or it's neighbourhood are to observe strict silence.

14. Library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading and taking notes.

15. Spitting, smoking and sleeping inside the library are strictly forbidden.

16. A person admitted as a member of the library is supposed to have the knowledge of the above. Ignorance of the rules will be no excuse.

17. Clearance Certificate : The membership card is the property of library and is to be returned before applying for Clearance Certificate.

18. Rules regarding recovery and replacement of books :

  1. In case of availability of the present cost and books purchased during last five years, double of the purchased cost shall be levied.
  2. In case of highly important technical books/Journals purchased before 5 years, it will be insisted to replace the same, otherwise 10 times of the purchase value of the same shall be recovered.
  3. For less important books of other fields purchased before 5 years, 5 times of the purchase cost shall be recovered from the defaulter.

19. Overdue charges for late return of books : An overdue charge of Rs. 0.20 Paise per day per book shall be realised if the books are returned beyond the maximum allowable period of retention.

D. Other Facilities

  1. Text Book Library : There is a text book library with about 3000 text books. Students can make use of text book during the library opening hours. Books from this section are issued for overnight. Failure to return the book in due time entrails a fine of Rs. 2/- per day per book for the first two days of default and Rs. 3/- per day per book thereafter.
  2. General Book Bank : There is a Book Bank attached to the library with 4000 books. Books from this library is loaned to the students for one year on payment of lending charges. The lending charges is 1/6 of the original price of the book.
  3. SC/ST Book Bank : There is a SC/ST Book Bank with about 11,600 books. Books have been purchased from separate Govt. grants received from time to time. Books are loaned out to SC/ST students only for one academic year.
  4. Journal Section : The Journal section has about 6000 bound volumes and current Journals and is housed in a separate room. The teachers have free access to the Journal section which is open during working hours. Access to the journal section has been closed for U. G. students from 1998-99 academic session.
  5. Reprographic Facilities : The library is having at present one heavy duty Xerox Machine and its facilities are extended to all the members, on payment of Rs. 1 Rupee per page.

Library At a Glance

  • Library Members: 5600
  • Total Volume: 70434
  • Titles- 10724
  • Journals- 9024
  • Library Management Software(KOHA)- 01
  • Reading Room seating Capacity- 150
  • Multimedia- 11
  • Dissertation & Thesis: 5000
  • Elsevier’s Science Direct e-resources available
  • Archives of old International journals-nearly 1 crore pages
  • IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) provided by e-SodhSindhu
  • Web of Science core Collection, SCI/SCIE
  • Library of the University is an Institutional member of DELNET
  • Library has applied for National Digital Library membership

Contact address

Dr.Archita Nanda, MLISc, PGDLAN, UGC-NET,PhD
E-mail- librarian@vssut.ac.in
Mob- 7978452727, 9437355895