Electrical Engineering Projects



Sl. No. Name of the Project Year-Wise Department and Principal Investigator Name of funding agency / industry Total grant received (in lakhs)
1. Modernization of power system lab 1982-83 Dr.S.K.Sanyal MHRD 10.0
2. Modernization of instrumentation and control lab 1989-90 Dr.S.K.Sanyal MHRD 15.0
3. Application of CNN to AL & Neural networks 1992-93 Dr.S.Prusty & S.K.Sanyal MHRD 6.0
4. Modernization of high voltage lab 1995-96 Dr.M.V.S.Rao AICTE 9.0
5. Modernization of power electronics lab 1995-96 Dr.N.Meher AICTE 12.0
6. Modernization of high voltage lab 1996-97 Dr.S.K.Sanyal AICTE 8.0
7. Intelligent soft computing approach to power system operation & control 2000-01 Dr.P.K.Hota AICTE 9.0
8. Modernization of high voltage lab 2000-01 Dr.S.K.Sanyal AICTE 5.0
9. Application of advanced signal processing techniques to fault diagnosis of power system elements 2001-02 Dr.A.K.Pradhan AICTE 3.5
10. Power quality improvement of distribution system 2001-02 Dr.S.Mishra AICTE 3.0
11. Robust coordinated approach for AVR and PSS design 2001-02 Dr.B.B.Pati AICTE 5.0
12. Developing intelligence techniques for power quality improvements 2001-02 Dr.S.Mishra DST 5.0
13. Modernisation of Power electronics Drives lab 2002-03 Dr.P.K.Hota AICTE 12.0
14. Modernisation of high voltage lab 2006-07 Dr.B.B.Pati AICTE 10.0
15. Studies of modern control technique &their utilitiesin Electrical power system 2007-08 Dr.S.Behera AICTE 3.0
16. Transient Stability analysis and control of power systems with excitation control 2012-13 Dr.B.B.Pati AICTE 7.5
17. Assessment of Wide-Area Measurement Signal by Computational Intelligence Techniques 2016-19 Dr. Papia Ray DST 15.46
18. Modelling and Simulation of Distributed Generation System/Micro grid using HOMER software 2016 Prof. P.K.Hota TEQIP-II, VSSUT, BURLA 1.0
19. Reliability of distribution system 2016 Prof. P.K.Modi TEQIP-II, VSSUT, BURLA 1.0
20. Validation of Wind Resource Assessment Techniques using Measured Data 2016 Dr. M. Tripathy TEQIP-II, VSSUT, BURLA 1.0
21. Simulation of PV panel to grid and its application to domestic use of water pumping 2016-2019 Dr. A.K. Barisal TEQIP-II, VSSUT, BURLA 1.0
22. Modernization of Electrical power system laboratory  2018-2020 Dr A.K.Barsal AICTE 18.0


Name of the faculty Project Title Project Type Research/Consultancy Funding Agency Amount Duration
Dr. R.K.Sahu, HOD EE/EEE Transformer Oil Testing Consultancy IOCL Jhasuguda Rs. 7200/- 7-6-2017
Dr. A.K.Barisal, HOD EE/EEE Transformer Oil Testing Consultancy IOCL Jhasuguda Rs. 7200/- 25-3-2018
Dr. B. Mohanty, HOD EE Transformer Oil Testing Consultancy IOCL Jhasuguda Rs. 7200/- 25-3-2019