Mechanical Engineering Projects

Sponsored research Projects

The Department has received grants sanctioned by Ministry of HRD/ AICTE, Govt. of India for the following.VSSUT

  1. CAD/CAM workstation
  2. Solar energy system
  3. Fibre reinforced composites
  4. Flexible Manufacturing System.
  5. I.C.Engines and Refrigeration & Airconditioning.
  6. Integrated Manufacturing.
  7. Manufacture of Wear resistant components from particulate reinforced composites
  8. Virtual Manufacturing using information Technology
  9. Study on Radiation influenced Bouyancy Driven Flow within Enclosure (R&D)
  10. Modernisation of Mechanical Engg. Lab.
  11. Entrepreneurship Development & Management.
  12. Study of Radiation Influence Natural convection within enclosures.
  13. Development of Computer Aided Design Lab. 
Project Title Project Duration Amount Received Funding Agency Status (Completed / In progress) Number of faculty involved
Modernisation of Mechanical Engineering Laboratories 2 Years 15.00 MHRD Completed 15
CAD/CAM Workstation -do- 8.00 -do- -do- 01
Entrepreneurship Development & Management Training for Small Scale Industries -do- 9.00 -do- -do- 01
Study of solar energy system -do- 6.00 -do- -do- 01
Mechanical Engineering Laboratories -do- 7.00 -do- -do- 15
Fibre Reinforced Composites -do- 8.00 -do- -do- 02
Modernization of IC Engine & Ref. & AC.Lab. -do- 5.00 AICTE -do- 01
Integrated Manufacturing -do- 8.00 AICTE -do- 01
Virtual Manufacturing using IT -do- 15.00 AICTE -do- 01
Manufacture of Wear Resistant Components from Particulate Reinforced Composites -do- 10.00 AICTE In progress 02
Study of Radiation Influence Natural Convection within enclosures -do- 6.48 DST -do- 01
Radiation Induced Buoyancy Driven Flow within Enclosures -do- 2.00 AICTE Completed 01
Development of Computer Aided Design Lab. -do- 4.00 AICTE -do- 01
Flexible Manufacturing System -do- 14.30 AICTE -do- 01


  1. Some Experimental Investigations on Controlled Contact Cutting Tool Using HSS Tool with Mild Steel Specimen.
  2. Adiabatic Analysis of Capillary Tube to Investigate Feasibility of Alternative Refrigerant for Domestic Refrigerators and Air Conditioners.
  3. Numerical Simulation of One Dimensional Phase Change Problem in A Convective-Radiative Ambiance.
  4. Petri net Modeling and Analysis of a Flexible Manufacturing System.
  5. Application of Value Engineering for Improvement and Cost Reduction of Products and Processes.
  6. Studies on Iron, Copper and Graphite Mixed Powders for Structural Components.
  7. An Analytical Solution for the Temperature Distribution Inside a Finite Workpiece Interacting with a Moving Laser Beam.
  8. Interaction of Radiation with Mixed Convection in Presence of a Participating Medium within a Differentially Heated Square Enclosure.
  9. Study of Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Enclosure with Partition.
  10. Study of Heat Transfer in the Piston of a Diesel Engine Using Finite Element Method.
  11. Turbulent Flow in Internally Finned Tubes.(HC Das,00MEHPE 04).
  12. Prediction of Material Removal Rate and Experimental Work in Abrasive Jet Machining.
  13. Analysis of Temperature Distribution of Laser Beam Welding Using Finite Element Method.
  14. Prediction of Material Removal Rate in Electro Discharge Machining by Factorial Design.
  15. Scheduling of Flexible Manufacturing System Using Genetic Algorithm.
  16. Fully Developed Turbulent Flow in Rod Bundle Subchannels.
  17. Evaluation of Process Flexibility of a Traditional Manufacturing Organisation.
  18. Analysis of the Interaction of Natural Convection with Radiation in Presence of Participating Medium within a Square Enclosure using Finite Element Method.
  19. Modeling the Downstream of Supply Chain in a Manufacturing Plant.
  20. Optimization of Production Outsourcing with Theory of Constraints Concept.
  21. Analysis of Combined Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer in Participating Gray Medium by Improved Modified Differential Approximation Method.
  22. Conduction Sahpe Factor for Different Geometries by Finite Element Method.
  23. Analysis of Combined Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer in Presence of Nongray CO2 Gas within a Square Enclosure.


  1. Design & Development of a Vehicle for Moving on Stairs.
  2. Study of Recast Layer in Die Sinking EDM.
  3. Link Design in Catia and Building of Scara Robot in IGRIP.
  4. Application of Microprocessor in Strain Measurement of a Cantilever Beam.
  5. Damage Diagnosis of a Cantilever Beam Analysing Vibration Parameters.
  6. Analysis of Heat Affected Zone in Conventional Grinding Process.
  7. Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Ecnlosure.
  8. Graphical Modelling and Simulation of an FMS.
  9. Gas Turbine Blade Cooling – A numerical and Theoritical Analysis.
  10. Powder Metallurgy Technique for Manufacturing Gear Blank From Composite of alminium & Silicon-Carbide Powders.
  11. Design and Fabrication of 3-speed Gear Box.
  12. Development and Studies of Electroplating Machine.
  13. Developing Response Equation for Surface Roughness in EDM Through Thermal Erosion Process.
  14. Optimization of Process Parameters by Taguchi-Neuro Technique.
  15. Computer Aided Design and Drafting of Constant Mesh Gear Box.
  16. Optimal Design and Fabrication of Paraboloidal Concentrating Solar Cooker.
  17. Surface Modification by Electric Discharge Machining and Development of an Interface to Count Useful pulses.
  18. Extrusion Parameters – an Experimental Study.