Mechanical Engineering Student Corner

Student Chapter

  • Mechanical department students are said to be ‘Master of one and jack of all’, we are proud that the students have maintained the same tradition till now in this competing environment. There is nothing that a mechanical student cannot do. They are achievers, leaders and most of all good in heart. There is no field in which the students have not achieved success.
  • Students have a keen interest in the mechanical subjects and in the concepts of the same, the life time student membership of Yash Modi (2013-17) in the organizations like ASME shows the interests in the field.
  • They have a history of the certification of the recent mechanical softwares from eminent organizations like AutoCADD, Auto Desk etc enabling them to work for the industries near and around VSSUT.
  • One of our student Yash Modi (2013-17) also have certification of data science and is on his journey to be one data scientist. He is recently certified form Microsoft for the project he did in basics of the data science.
  • The students have a wide range of participation in different cultural events. They are eminent dancers, singers and actors. In the university groups like Vibrantz (dance group), Souls (Musical group) and Emotica (drama group) 20 mechanical students like Dinesh Nag, Subashree Damini, Sharmistha Dutta, Abhipsha Badpanda, Sharmitha Datta etc. show case their talents by participating in a no of competition in different cultural fests of IIT KGP, IIT Mumbai, NIT Rourkela, XIMB etc, where they got 1st, 2nd or 3rd prizes.
  • The students are also good at heart. They are members of Sanskar Kendra, an independent club of students. There are nearly 50 students of mechanical department teaching 200 students students at free of cost and leading them towards a better future. The funds for the initiative is raisedby the students themselves. Maheswar Rout (4th year) and Sunil Kumar Behera (3rd year) take active participations in the events.

    They also regularly work under NSS group and organize social events like cleaning events under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan initiative of govt. This group also organize blood donation camp in regular interval of time with SSG group.

  • Not only this, the students are at the service to the nation. Students like Namrata Jena, Jugal Padhan and Preetam Kumar Mishra have begged the NCC ‘C’ certificate.
  • The students are actively involved in SAE International, a U.S. based globally active professional association and standards developing organisation for engineering professionals, via SAE Colligate chapter of VSSUT.

    There are 70 members (mostly mechanical engineering) in the two branch of SAE, namely BAHA and SUPRA, 35 in each team.  The in the guidance of our faculty advisor Mr. P.K. Jena and Dr. P. Nanda SUPRA team is in the process of fabrication of their 4th car and BAHA team is in the roll of their 6th fabricated car model.

Placement Record of 2016 Pass Out Student

Registration No. Name Name of the Company
12010064 Sumit Kumar Patro INFOSYS
12010066 Prajat Padhi TECH MAHINDRA
12010067 Shilpy Agarwal INFOSYS
12010068 Mohit Padhee HYUNDAI
12010069 Saurav Augusty INFOSYS
12010073 Prinsu Agarwal INFOSYS
12010074 Soumya Ranjan Behera TECH MAHINDRA
12010077 Mrinmoy Banerjee ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010078 Prithvi Mohanty ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010079 Adarsh Kumar Panda INFOSYS
12010080 Deepayan Pattnaik ACCENTURE
12010082 Mitesh Kumar Mohapatra ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010084 Abhisek Mishra ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010085 Naidu Sunil Kumar ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010086 Rupak Nayak ACCENTURE
12010087 Santosh Mishra ACCENTURE
12010088 Pininti Purushottam MARUTI SUZUKI
12010089 Alok Nayak ACCENTURE
12010090 Bulusu Asish Kumar MARUTI SUZUKI
12010091 Binesh Prasad Jena INFOSYS
12010092 J. Manikanta WIPRO
12010093 Ishan Chandrasekhar Panda INFOSYS
12010094 Amarjyoti Maharana INFOSYS
12010096 Abhishek Mohanty INFOSYS
12010097 Sangeeta Mohanty ACCENTURE
12010098 Madhumita Das ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010100 Saswatee Priyadarshini Chand ACCENTURE
12010103 Sulagna Das ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010105 Ipsita Swain ACCENTURE
12010106 Debasmita Mohapatra MARUTI SUZUKI
12010108 Shephalika Sinha  PRADAN
12010120 Amit Lakra WIPRO
12010121 Narayan Hembram INFOSYS
12010126 Sibashis Panda INFOSYS
13020037 Jitendra Kumar Sahoo PRADAN
13020039 Biswajit Panda ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
13020041 Trilochan Maharana MARUTI SUZUKI
13020047 Shailesh Routaray ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
13020050 Anil Kumar Sahu TECH MAHINDRA
12011294 Saswat Sundar Patra INFOSYS
12011035 Durgamadhab Satapathy ACCENTURE, INFOSYS,HINDALCO
12010394 Adarsha Mohapatra ACCENTURE, INFOSYS
12010196 Kumar Sourav Mohanty MARUTI SUZUKI
12010329 Sarthak Rout TECH MAHINDRA