Mechanical Engineering Workshop & Seminar

Sl. No. Name of the Seminars, Conferences and Workshops Source of funding Date Coordinators
1 National Conference on Emerging New Materials in Engineering Applications TEQIP, MCL, ISTE chapter, Burla 19th  - 20th Jan 2013 Dr. P. Mishra
Dr. P. Nanda
2 Workshop on Professional and Research skill Alumni Association, VSSUT 14th Sept 2014 Dr. P. K. Pradhan
3 National Workshop on Advances in Mechanical Engineering TEQIP 10th  - 11th  July 2015 Dr. S. R. Pattnaik
Dr. M. K. Sutar
4 National Workshop on Advanced Materials: Synthesis, Processing, Characterization & Applications QIP 7th  - 12th Dec 2015 Dr. P. Mishra
5 Recent Trends in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering TEQIP 12th - 13th Mar 2016 Dr. J. R. Mohanty
Dr. P. K. Pradhan
6 National Workshop on Eclectic Modeling and Analysis Techniques in Mechanical Engineering QIP 11th  - 16th April 2016 Dr. M. K. Sutar
Dr. S. R. Pattnaik
Dr. B. B. Pani
7 National Conference on Technological Advancement in Manufacturing and new materials TEQIP 9th - 10th April 2016 Dr. B. B. Pani
Dr. M. K. Sutar
8 STP on Recent Advances in Manufacturing Engineering (RAME) QIP 18th  - 23rd April 2016 Prof. D. Dhupal
Dr. S. K. Sarangi