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Dr. Sukalyan Dash  [Chemistry]

Sukalyan Dash
Name : Dr. Sukalyan Dash
Designation : Professor and Head
Phone No. : +919438640496
Email Id : sukalyan_dash@yahoo.com, sukalyan_dash@rediff.com
Date of Joining : 05-07-2002
  • Qualification

    M.Sc.(Chem.), M.Phil., Ph.D. (Sambalpur University)
  • Specialization

    Organic Chemistry, Surface Chemistry, Reaction Kinetics, Organized Assemblies
  • Experience

    21 years
  • Subject Teaching

    Graduate Level

    : +3 Hons, +3 Pass, +2 Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry, Material Science

    Post Graduate Level

    : Structure and Reactivity; Stereochemistry; Surface Chemistry; Green Chemistry; Basic Organic II; Natural Products; Organic Reaction Mechanism, Chemistry of Materials, Micellar Chemistry
  • Research Area

    Surface Chemistry, Solvation Chemistry, Organic kinetics, Adsorption kinetics, Soft matters
  • Research Guidance

    Ph. D. Candidates

    : 04 - Awarded, 06 - Continuing

    M. Tech. Candidates

    : 03 - Awarded (M.Phil), M.Sc.- 15
  • Awards & Honours

    1.Qualified the UGC-CSIR Joint Entrance Examination (NET) (1989)
    2.UGC Junior Research Fellow (1990-1992): Sambalpur University
    3.UGC Senior Research Fellow (1992-1994): Sambalpur University
    4.Best Paper award (1993): REC, Rourkela, Orissa.
    5.Prof. RC Tripathy Young Scientist Award (1999): SCS College, Puri.
    6.Prof. DN Patnaiak Award for best publication of the year (2008): North Orissa University, Baripada
    7.Deliver lectures in other Universities: 04 (in different Refresher and Orientation course)
    8.Invited speakers/Keynote speakers: 04 lecture
  • Members of Professional Bodies

    1. Indian Chemical Society
    2. Indian Society for Surface Science and Technology
    3. Orissa Chemical Society [Jnt. Secretary (1 tenure), Executive Member (2 tenures)]
  • Sponsored Projects & Consultancy

    1.Synthesis, characterization and Photochemical studies of Some Novel Polymethine cyanine Dyes Ref: File No. 8023/BOR/RPS-200
  • Publications (
    National Publications:

    National Publications

    1.Sukalyan Dash, Bijay K. Mishra: Oxidation of Styrylpyridinium Dyes by permanganate ion (Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn. 67, 1994, 673).
    2.Sukalyan Dash, Bijay K. Mishra: Mn(VII) Oxidation using cetyltrimethylammonium permanganate-Self oxidation of CTAP and Oxidation of Benzylalcohol (Int. J. Chem. Kinet.,27(7), 1995,627).
    3.Sukalyan Dash, S. K. Parida, S. Patel, Bijay K. Mishra: Adsorption of organic compounds on silica surfaces (AdvColl Surf Sci, 121, 2006, 77) (18th Hottest article during Oct-Dec, 2006 in all Journals of Sci Dir., and 1st Hottest article in that Journal for two consecutive quarters).
    4.Sukalyan Dash, M. Panigrahi, S. Patel, P. K. Behera, B. K. Mishra: Reversal in solvatochromism in some novel styrylpyridinium dyes having a hydrophobic cleft (Spectrochim. Acta. Part A, 68, 2007, 757).
    5.Sukalyan Dash, S. Mishra, S. Patel, Bijay. K. Mishra: Organically Modified Silica: Synthesis and Applications due to its Surface Interaction with Organic Molecules (Adv. Coll. Interface Sci, 140, 2008, 77-94).
    6.Sukalyan Dash, P. Mukherjee, S. Patel, H. N. Pati, Bijay K. Mishra: Alkylation of Ethanolamines: An Approach to a Novel Class of Functional Surfactants (Synthetic Commn., 39, 2009, 2529-2539).
    7.Sukayan Dash, S. Patel, Bijay. K. Mishra: Oxidation by permanganate: synthetic and mechanistic aspects (Tetrahedron, 69, 2009, 707-739). [Included in Chemistry Global Wikipedia]
    8.Sukalyan Dash, M. Panigrahi, S. Baliarsingh, P. K. Behera, S. Patel, B. K. Mishra: Cyanine dyes - nucleic acids interactions (Curr Org Chem, 15, 2011, 2673-2689).
    9.Sukalyan Dash, M. Panigrahi, S. Patel, B. K. Mishra: Preferential Solvation of Styryl Pyridinium Dyes in Binary Mixtures of Alcohols with Hexane, Dioxane and Dichloromethane (J Phys Chem B, 115, 2011, 99-108).
    10.Sukalyan Dash, P. Mukherjee, S. K. Padhan, S. Patel, P. K. Mohapatra, B. K. Mishra: Effect of temperature on pseudoternary system Tween-80–butanol–hexane–water (J Colloid Interface Sci, 355, 2011, 157-163).
    11.Sukalyan Dash, P. Mukherjee, S. K. Padhan, S. Patel, B. K. Mishra: Clouding behaviour in surfactant systems (Advances in Colloid and Interface Science, 162, 2011, 59-79).
    12.SukalyanDash,P. Mukherjee, S. Sahu, S. K. Padhan, S. Patel, P. Mohapatra, B. K. Mishra: Temperature induced emulsification and demulsification of pseudoternary mixtures of Tween80-butanol-kerosene-water system (Industrial & Engineering Chem. Res. ACS, 2011, Accepted).
    13.Sukalyan Dash, M. Panigrahi, S. Patel, P. K. Behera, B. K. Mishra: 'Synthesis of cyanines: A review (Tetrahedron, 68, 2012, 781-805).
    14.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru: Eggshell particles (ESP) as potential adsorbent for styrylpyridinium dyes - A Kinetic and thermodynamic Study (J Dispersion Sci Tech, 33, 1012-1020, 2012).
    15.Sukalyan Dash, P. Mukherjee, S. Patel, B. K. Mishra: Self Organized Assemblies of Surfactants Derived from Ethanolamines (J Dispersion Sci Tech, 33, 881-886, 2012).
    16.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru: Adsorption of some tailor-made styrylpyridinium dyes on sodium dodecylsulphate-treated eggshell particles (SDS-ESP): Impact of dye chain-length and substituent (J Dispersion Sci Tech, 34, 898-904, 2013)
    17.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru: Amino Acid Modified Eggshell Powder (AA-ESP)—A Novel Bio-Solid Scaffold for Adsorption of Some Styrylpyridinium Dyes (J Dispersion Sci Tech, 34, 1099-1112, 2013).
    18.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, B Acharya: Tween 80-n-Butanol-Diesel-Water Microemulsion System – A Class of Alternative Diesel Fuel (J Dispersion Sci Tech, 35, 1492-1531, 2014).
    19.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru: Sorption on Eggshell Waste – A review on ultrastructure, biomineralization and other applications (Adv Colloid Interface Sci, 209,49-67, 2014).
    20.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, SaritaTripathy: Solvatochromic behavior of some -Styrylpyridinium dyes (Spectochem. Acta, 125, 422-430, 2014).
    21.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, SP Bank: β-CD assisted dissolution of quaternary ammonium permanganatesin aqueous medium (Carbohydrate Polymers, 111, 806-812, 2014).
    22.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, SP Bank: UV–Vis spectrophotometric studies of self-oxidation/dissociation of quaternary ammonium permanganates (QAP) – impact of solvent polarity (Spectochem. Acta, 142, 34-42, 2015).
    23.Sukalyan Dash, SaritaTripathy: Solvation studies of some tailor made α-N,N-dimethylaminostyryl-N-alkyl pyridinium dyes in binary solvent mixtures containing alcohols, hexane, 1,4-dioxane, DCM and acetone (J Molecular Liquids, 206, 29-38, 2015).
    24.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, SP Bank: Green and Efficient: In situ Oxidation kinetics of some tailor-made -styrylpyridinium dyes in aqueous medium using β-CD-CTAP complex(Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 54, 9142-9149, 2015).
    25.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, B Acharya: Tween-80–n-butanol/isobutanol–(Diesel + Kerosene)–Water microemulsions – Phase behavior and fuel applications (Fuel, 171, 87-93, 2016).
    26.Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru, S Priyadarshini: ˇβ-CD assisted aqueous dissolution of cetylpicolinium dichromates (CPDC)—Evolution of a class of green water compatible lipopathic Cr(VI) oxidants (Carbohydrate Polymers, 171, 122-128, 2017).
    27.M Mishra, I Mukherjee, AK Mall, A Mitra, Sukalyan Dash, S Chatterjee, S Mukherjee, A Roy: “Truncated hexagonal bi-pyramidal gallium ferrite nanocrystals: integration of structural details with visible-light photo-activity and self-cleaning Properties” (Journal of Materials Chemistry A, DOI: 10.1039/c8ta02749h, 2018).


    1.Chairman, National conference on Recent Advancement in Materials Science, VSSUT, Oct. (2018)
    2.Convener, National conference on Recent Advancement in Materials Science, VSSUT, Oct. (2013)
  • Books/ Chapter Published

  • Seminar/ Symposia/ Short term Course organized

  • Extra Responsibility

    • HOD, Chemistry 2017-Cont.
    • Professor I/c Central Store & Purchase 2011-2017
    • Coordinator, SAP, UGC 2014
    • Warden, Arundhati Hall of Residence 2013-2015
    • Vice President, Literary Society 2011-2013
    • Member, JEE-2010, Odisha 2010-2011
    • Faculty Advisor, Dramatic Society 2010-2011
    • Warden, South Hostel 2008-2010
    • Member, Board of Studies, Chemistry 2006-Till Date
    • Member, University Exam. Committee 2006-2010
    • Co-VP, Literary Society 2009-2010
    • Co-VP, Dramatic Society 2008-2009
    • CTO, Signal Platoon, NCC 2005-2007
    • Asst Superintendent of South Hostel 2005-2007
  • Other Informations


    1. Sukalyan Dash, PS Guru: Raw eggshell powder (ESP): A novel Thin layer chromatography (TLC) scaffold (SUJST, 2015)
    2. Sukalyan Dash, Bijay K. Mishra: The saga of green fluorescence protein (IPS News Letter, 46-47, 2009, 33-39).
    3. Sukayan Dash, S. Sahoo, S. Patel, Bijay. K. Mishra: A molecular structure descriptor derived from bond-disconnection: Application to quantitative structure property relationships (Indian J Chem., 48A, 2009, 921-929).
    4. Sukalyan Dash, B. B. Nayak, S. Sahu, S. Patel, Bijay. K. Mishra: Ce(IV) oxidation of alcohols using cetyltrimethylammonium ceric nitrate (Indian J. Chem., 47A, 2008, 1486-1490).
    5. Sukalyan Dash, S. Sahu, S. Sahoo, S. Patel, Bijay. K. Mishra: Deoximation of keto- and aldoximes to carbonyl compounds (Indian J Chem Sec B, 47B, 2008, 359).
    6. Sukalyan Dash, B BNayak, S. Patel, Bijay. K. Mishra: Solution behaviour of cetyltrimethylammonium ceric nitrate (CTACN) (Indian J. Chem.,45A, 2006, 2229-2232).
    7. Sukalyan Dash, Bijay K. Mishra: Oxidation of Cis-Olefinic double bonds by cetyltrimethylammonium permanganate (Indian J. Chem., 40(A), 2001,159).
    8. Sukalyan Dash, Bijay K. Mishra: Mn(VII) Oxidation using cetyltrimethylammonium permanganate-Oxidation of Alkyl cinnamates (Indian J. Chem.,36(A), 1997, 662).
  • Address for Communication

    Present Address : 
    QR No. 3R/31, Professor Colony, VSSUT, Burla, Sambalpur, Orissa, PIN – 768018, India
      Permanent Address : 
    C/o Dr. N.K. Dash, College Road, Bargarh Orissa 768 028
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