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1 TEQIP III VSSUT Burla Sponsored National Webinar on Sustainable Chemistry: Challenges and Opportunities (19th-20th September 2020) 15-09-2020 download
2 TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP on Recent Advancement of Materials and its Application(RAMA-2020) 14-09-2020 download
3 TEQIP-III Sponsored One week Online FDP on “Recent Developments in Environmental Engineering (RDEE-2020)” from 15th – 19th September, 2020 14-09-2020 download
4 TEQIP-III Sponsored Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Recent Advancement in Welding and Joining Technology (RAWJT-2020) 12th – 16th September, 2020 12-09-2020 download
5 TEQIP-III sponsored National Level Online FDP on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering (ETCE-2020)14th – 18th September 2020 10-09-2020 download
6 TEQIP-III sponsored 5 days online FDP on Recent Advances in Nanotechnology,Catalysis and Biochemical Engineering (RANCBE- 2020)16th Sep. -20th Sep. 2020 10-09-2020 download
7 TEQIP-III sponsored Online FDP on "IoT: Recent advancements and Applications" (IRAA-2020) during 15th – 19th September 2020 09-09-2020 download
8 TEQIP-III sponsored Online Seminar on Sustainable and Digital Manufacturing towards Industry 4.0 (SDMI-2020) during 10th – 11th September 2020 05-09-2020 download
9 TEQIP-III sponsored Online Workshop on Optimization Tools in Manufacturing Process (OTMP-2020) during 8th – 9th September 2020 05-09-2020 download
10 TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP on Advances in Materials & Machining processes for Recent Industrial Applications (AMMPRIA-2020) 7th– 11th September 2020 05-09-2020 download
11 TEQIP-III sponsored Online FDP on Current Scenario on Steel Research (CSSR - 2020) 7th-11th September 2020 04-09-2020 download
12 TEQIP-III sponsored Online FDP on Research Challenges and Opportunities in Antenna Design (RCOAD-2020) 10.09.2020 to 14.09.2020 04-09-2020 download
13 TEQIP III Sponsered FDP on Water, Enery and Environment(WEE-2020)5th September to 9th September 2020 Organized by Department of Chemical Engineering 04-09-2020 download
14 TEQIP III Sponsered FDP on Advanced Materials Processing, Characterization and Applications (AMPCA - 2020) 8th - 12th September - Organized by Dept. of MME 03-09-2020 download
15 TEQIP Sponsored On-Line FDP on Recent Developments in Surface Coatings and its Application in Manufacturing(RDSCAM)(07th – 11th September 2020) 03-09-2020 download
16 TEQIP Sponsored 5-days FDP on "Product Manufacturing and Analysis: Inculcation of Newer Methodologies” PMAINM-2020 " during (9th – 13th September, 2020) 03-09-2020 download
17 TEQIP-III Sponsored Two days Online workshop on Advancement of Optimization Techniques in Electrical Engineering Applications 03-09-2020 download
18 Workshop on Advances in Control System and Applications from 08th to 09th September 2020 organised by Department of Elect. Engg. 03-09-2020 download
19 TEQIP-III Sponsored FDP on Advanced Microgrid Operation & Control, 8th-12th September, 2020 organised by Department of EEE 03-09-2020 download
20 TEQIP - III Sponsored One Week Online FDP on ETTA - 2020 (5th - 10th September, 2020) 03-09-2020 download
21 Withdrawal of Summer Vacation for the year 2020 in view of COVID-19 20-05-2020 download
22 NAAC Sponsored Workshop on RRAFEQIE - 2020 on date. 22nd and 23rd February 2020 18-02-2020 download
23 Notice for Boot Camp 13-02-2020 download
24 STTP organized jointly by Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering VSSUT Burla and Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad from 25th February to 29th February 2020 18-01-2020 download
25 National Seminar on Role of Physics in Technological Advances (NSRPTA-2020) 13-12-2019 download
26 International Conference on Advances in Mathematics and Computing (ICAMC-2020) 03-12-2019 download
27 Live Streaming of the 11th Convocation will be telecasted on 30th November, 2019 at 10.30 A.M 28-11-2019 download
28 Information regarding 11th Convocation 2019 14-11-2019 download
29 33rd Annual Conference of Orissa Chemical Society and National Conference on Recent Advancement in Material Sciences (RAIMS 2019) December 24-25, 2019 01-11-2019 download
30 5 Days UGC Sponsored Workshop on "Earth Based Construction Techniques" during 5th - 9th November 2019, organised by Department of Architecture 01-11-2019 download