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Placement Cell

About Training & Placement Cell

The Placement Cell is headed by Prof. (Dr.) P.Nanda, supported by three Faculty Coordinators Dr.S.Panda, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Manish Tripathy, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Prof.D.C.Rao, Assistant Professor, Information Technology. Each department has a faculty advisor to coordinate between the department and the Training & Placement Cell. There is a student committee represented by the students from each of the departments to coordinate various activities undertaken by the Training & Placement Cell. Student coordinators get ample opportunities of active participation in all the works related to Training & Placement.

Faculty Advisors (2019)

Sl.No. Name Designation Branch
1 Dr. B. Nanda Assistant Professor Civil
2 Dr. P. K. Jena Assistant Professor Mechanical
3 Mr. S. P. Sahoo Assistant Professor Computer Science
4 Mr. S. K. Sathua Assistant Professor Information Technology
5 Mr. B. K. Rana Assistant Professor Electrical
6 Mr. P. Pratik Assistant Professor Electrical and Electronics
7 Mr. G. Behera Assistant Professor Metallurgy and Materials
8 Mr. A. K. Behera Assistant Professor Chemical
9 Dr. S. R. Das Associate Professor Production
10 Mr. S. K. Nayak Assistant Professor MCA
11 Mr. D. Kumar Assistant Professor Electronics and Telecommunication
12 Dr. G. Nath Associate Professor Physics
13 Dr. A. Panda Assistant Professor Chemistry


Student Coordinators (2019)

Sl. No. Name of the student Regd. No. Branch
1 Sarthak Parija 15010041 ChE
2 Jangyaseni Pradhan 15011173 Civil
3 Sai Subham 15010125 Civil
4 Bhabani Prasad Das 15011610 IT
5 Debasis Nayak 15011613 IT
6 Chaitanya Rout 15010213 CSE
7 Prabjeet Kaur Golar 15010211 CSE
8 Mayukh Mohanty 15011312 EEE
9 SoumyaSaswat Mohapatra 15010136 EEE
10 Piyus Tripathy 15010398 EE
11 Surya Narayan Pradhan 15090034 EE
12 Abhijit Mohapatra 15010472 ETC
13 Pratik Dash 15010535 ETC
14 Debasish Nayak 1711151011 MCA
15 Debjyot Dash 15010702 ME
16 Nachiket Tripathy 15011921 ME
17 Prayag Agrawal 15010829 MME
18 UjjwalLenka 15010853 MME
19 Siddhant Das 15011929 PE
20 Bishal Kumar Bhuyan 15010875 PE