Production Engineering Courses

The course curriculum isforesightedlydesignedconsulting with the national level institutions like IITs and NITs along with the leading industries. The curriculum of encompasses the contents with engineering materials, casting technology, machining technology,physical and mechanical joining processes, tool engineering, metrology, manufacturing systems, automation and Rapid manufacturing. In a typical industry, once the design is realized, production engineering concepts regarding work-study, ergonomics, operation research, tooling, manufacturing management, materials management, production planning, transportation etc., play important roles in efficient production processes.These deal with integrated design and efficient planning of the entire manufacturing system, which is becoming increasingly challenging with the emergence of sophisticated production methods and control systems. The adequate course coverage on basic production engineering subjects, advanced manufacturing subjects, IT and management subjects, as listed below, are incorporated keeping in view the shop floor requirement.

  1. Automation and Numerical Control Machines.
  2. Robotics & Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
  3. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM).
  4. Non-Conventional Machining.
  5. Human Resource Development & Management.
  6. Microprocessor and Microcomputers.
  7. Finite Element Method.
The Department presently runs the following courses:
  1. B.Tech. Course in Production Engineering
  2. M.Tech. Course (Specialization- Manufacturing Systems Engineering)
  3. M.Tech Course (Specialization- Roboticsand CAD/CAM)
  4. Ph.D. Programme
  5. Post-Doc Programme