Electrical Engineering

Name : Prof. Bibhuti Bhusan Pati
Designation : Professor
Phone No. : 0663-2431012
Email Id : bbpati_ee@vssut.ac.in, pati_bibhuti@rediffmail.com
Date of Birth : 07-01-1966
Date of Joining : 11-07-2002

B.Sc. Engg. in Electrical Engineering from UCE Burla(Now VSSUT)
M.Tech in High Voltage Engineering, from IISc. Bangalore
Ph.D (Engg) in Electrical Engineering from Utkal University, Odisha

Control System Engineering

Asst. Manager, IDCO, Odisha (1.5 Years)
Teaching & Research at IGIT Sarang, Odisha (13years)
Teaching & Research at VSS University of Technology, Burla (14 years)

Graduate Level : Control System Engg., High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Machine
Post Graduate Level : Advanced Control System Engineering, Computer Aided Power System Protection, Process Control & Instrumentation

Nonlinear Control System, Autonomous System, Adaptive Control, Estimation & Filtering, Fractional Order system, FACTS control, Renewable Enegy

Ph. D. Candidates : 07 Nos Completed, One submitted, Five Ongoing
M. Tech. Candidates : 20 Nos completed, two ongoing
  1. Madhusudan award received from the Institution of Engineers(India) Orissa center for the research paper in 27th Jan.2002.
  2. First prize and Gold medal from engineering congress, for the best paper in Jan,2001
  3. Third prize from Engineering Congress, Orissa for the research paper in April 1998
  4. Madhusudan award received from the Institution of Engineers(India), Orissa center for the research paper in Feb1997.
  5. Third prize received from Engineering Congress, Orissa for the research paper on Fuzzy logic Based Missile guidance-15thJan.1996.
  6. Madhusudan Award received from the Institution of Engineers (India), Orissa center for the research paper in Jan.1995
  7. Second prize from Engineering congress, Orissa for the research paper in Dec.1993.
  8. Sadananda Memorial Awards received from the Institution of Engineers(India),Orissa for the best research paper in Dec .1993.
  9. NRTS during 1977-1981 and National Scholarship during 1981-1987.
2. Fellow, IE (India)
3. Chartered Engineer, IE(India)
4. Engineering Congress
5. Bigyan Academy
6. Energy Conservation Society
7. System Society of India
  1. AICTE-R&D project-73, “Robust Controller Structure for coordinated voltage regulation and stabilization-2002, Rs.5 Lacs. at UCE Burla.
  2. Completed the Project as Principal Investigator AICTE(R&D) Project “Application of Advanced signal Processing Techniques to Fault diagnosis to Power System Elements” in 2006 at UCE Burla.
  3. Completed the project AICTE/modrob project on modernisation of power electronics & drives laboratory in 2006 as Head (Electrical) at UCE Burla
  4. Modernisation of High Voltage laboratory, 2007, AICTE MODROB Project Amount :-Rs10. lacs as Head (Electrical) at UCE Burla
  5. Principal Investigator, of AICTE-RPS project-19, “Transient Stability Analysis and Control of Power Systems with Excitation Control-2012, Rs.7.5 Lacs. at VSSUT, Burla
  6. Applied for CRS Project to NPIU in May 2019

International Publications

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  1. Coordinator, QIP Short Term Course on “Distributed Estimation & Control in Networked Systems (DECNS” Feb.6-11, 2017 at VSSUT Burla
  2. Advisor/Coordinator, National Level Conference –Resonance-2007, UCE Burla 6th May 2007.
  3. Coordinator, Workshop on “Application of MATLAB & Its tool boxes” 11th & 12th July 2006 at UCE Burla
  4. Coordinator, National level Technical Student Seminar “Resonance-05”, Electrical Department, University College of Engineering, Burla, 6th May 2005.
  5. Coordinator -ISTE summer school on Industrial Application of Microprocessor based Instrumentation and control in may/June 1994 at IGIT Sarang.
  6. Chairman, Technical committee-National conference on energy conservation :Its planning management, 13-14th March 1995.
  7. Chairman , Technical committee –Workshop on Industry Institute Technology Transfer at IGIT Sarang, Feb1998
  8. Member, Souvenir committee, Institution of Engineers(Ind), Angul Local Center-1996,&1997.
  9. Convenor, Workshop on Quality Education for Teaching & Research under IQAC 30th June 2018
  1. Vice Chancellor, VSSUT, 29.11.2017 to 15.02. 2018
  2. Member Board of Management, VSSUT since 2010 for two terms i.e. six years
  3. Director Internal Quality Assurance Cell(since Feb 2018)
  4. Dean, Faculty & Planning, from Jan 2010-Dec. 2012 and from Feb.2019 till date
  5. Dean, Planning & Coordination, April-2007-Dec.2009
  6. Chairman, Central Purchase Processing Committee since May 2018.
  7. Professor in Charge, Academic Affairs(from Aug. 2003-Oct.-2005)
  8. Member AICTE Expert Committee Visit/NBA Team Visit-14 years
  9. Chairman, Committee for Conducting Examinations-1 year
  10. Appellate Authority, RTI Cell, July 2007-Aug. 2009
  11. Secretary, Alumni Association(Registered), UCE Burla(2005, 2006, 2008)-3 years
  12. Professor & Head, Electrical Engineering, Aug.2005-Aug.2007-2 years
  13. Member, Conducting Board in Electrical Engg. Sambalpur University-3 years
  14. Dean, PGSR, from July 2015-March 2016.
  15. Member Research Committee, VSSUT, BPUT, Sambalpur University
  16. Member Board of Management TEQIP-III, BPUT-since 2019
  17. Member Board of Studies VSSUT, IGIT, Driems
  18. Secretary, UCE/VSSUT Alumni association 2005-2007 and 2008-2009(Three years)
  1. Reviewer of many international journals
  2. Preparation of digital lecture note in High Voltage Engineering
  3. Referee/Project Guide for AMIE students of Institution of Engrs(Ind) - since 2002
  4. Preparation of digital lecture note in High Voltage Engineering
  5. Coordinator, QIP Short Term Course on “Distributed Estimation & Control in Networked Systems (DECNS” Feb.6-11, 2017 at VSSUT Burla
  6. Member, Selection Board for Recruitment of Scientist/Engineers, (Govt. of India organization).
  7. Member, Faculty Selection committee, (Chancellor Nominee), OUAT, Sambalpur University-2 years
  8. Member, UGC Human resource Development Centre, Sambalpur University.
  9. Equipment Coordinator, WBAP Projects, DTE &T Orissa-(1990-1999)
  10. Member, State Level JEE(E&M),1995&1996
Present Address : 
QR. No: 5R/1, Professors' Colony-II VSSUT, PO: Engineering College Burla Sambalpur, PIN: 768018, Odisha Mob:-9437420409, 8847853440
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S/O: Late Ramesh Chandra Pati At:Sarapada, P.O. Bodhanga, Via Nischintakoilly,Dist:-Cuttack, Odisha, India PIN-754207