Information Technology

Name : Dr. D. Chandrasekhar Rao
Designation : Assistant Professor(On Lien)
Phone No. : +91-9337724582
Email Id :
Date of Joining : 10-08-2011

Ph.D-Computer Science & Engineering, VSSUT, Burla, M.Tech-Computer Science & Engineering, BPUT, Rourkela, B. Tech- Information Technology, BPUT, Rourkela

Peer to Peer Network, Theory of Computation, Compiler Construction, Computer Network, Soft computing, Robotics

  1. Assistant Professor, Department of IT, VSSUT, Burla – since August 2011 to till date.
  2. Assistant Professor, Department of CSE, CEB, Bhubaneswar – August 2009 – June 2011 ( 1Year 11 Months)
  3. Lecturer, Department of CSE, CEB, Bhubaneswar – April 2005 – July 2009(4 Year 4 Months)
  4. Lecturer, Department of CSE, GKCET, Jeypore – September 2004 – March 2005 (7 Months)

Graduate Level : Compiler Design, Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Network Security, Programming in C
Post Graduate Level : Advanced Internet Technology, Network Security

Issues in Peer to Peer(P2P) Networks, Mitigating threats in P2P Network, Navigation planning of wheeled mobile robot, Internet of Things, Blockchain technology

Ph. D. Candidates : 01 (Continuing)
M. Tech. Candidates : 07 (Completed)
  1. Excellence in Engineering Education through Innovation Awarded By Wipro Limited, India on date 03-02-2011
Sl No. Professional Society Membershi Id
1 The Indian Society for Technical Education LM-54577
2 International Computer Science and Engineering Society (ICSES) 3780
3 The Institution of Engineers (India) M-167147-7

International Publications

  1. Rao D.C., Kabat, M.R., Das, P.K. and Jena, P.K., Hybrid IWD-DE: a novel approach to model cooperative navigation planning for multi-robot in unknown dynamic environment. Journal of Bionic Engineering, 16(2), pp.235-252, 2019, Springer.
  2. Rao D. C., Kabat, M. R., Das, P. K., and Jena, P. K., Cooperative navigation planning of multiple mobile robots using improved krill herd. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 43(12), 7869-7891, 2018, Springer
  3. B. Kar, D. C. Rao, and A. K. Rath, “Generating PNS for Secret Key Cryptography Using Cellular Automaton”, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, Vol. 2, No. 5, 2011.

International Conferences

  1. D. Chandrasekhar Rao, Tanisthanayak, ManasRanjanKabat, "Neighbor Selection in Peer-to-Peer Computing using Multi-Layer Perceptron", in proceeding of IEEE International conference on Next Generation Computing Technologies, 2015.
  2. Nayak, T., Dash, T., Rao, D.C. and Sahu, P.K.,. Evolutionary neural networks versus adaptive resonance theory net for breast cancer diagnosis. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Informatics and Analytics (pp. 1-6), 2016, Association for Computing Machinery, NY, USA.
  3. Rao, D.C., Pani, S., Kabat, M.R. and Das, P.K., Cooperation of multi-robots for obstacle avoidance in clutter environment using differential evolutionary algorithm. In International Conference on Information, Communication, Instrumentation and Control (ICICIC) (pp. 1-6), 2017, IEEE.
  4. Rao, D.C. and Kabat, M.R., A Trust Based Navigation Control for Multi-Robot to Avoid Deadlock in a Static Environment Using Improved Krill Herd. In 2018 International Conference on Inventive Research in Computing Applications (ICIRCA) (pp. 810-817), 2018, IEEE.
  5. Jena, P.K., Rao, D.C. and Das, P.K., An Improved Hybrid Algorithm for Numerical Optimization. In 2018 International Conference on Inventive Research in Computing Applications (ICIRCA) (pp. 818-824), 2018, IEEE.
  6. Rao, D.C. and Kabat, M.R., A Study on Cooperation and Navigation Planning for Multi-robot Using Intelligent Water Drops Algorithm. In Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications (pp. 577-590), 2019, Springer, Singapore.
  1. Organized training program on Free and open source software (Like Scilab, Java, Linux, latex etc.) for B. Tech and M. Tech students in collaboration with IIT, Mumbai.
  2. Organizing committee member in the following events
  3. 1. one-day Workshop on Ubiquitous Computing, Department of CSE & IT, VSSUT, Burla
    2. Two-day Workshop on Internet of Things devices andSensor Networks, Department of CSE & IT, VSSUT, Burla.
    3. One-week Short Term Course on LATEX, Department of CSE & IT, VSSUT, Burla.
  4. Organized two-day Workshop on Role of Revised AccreditationFramework for Enhancing the Quality andInnovation in Education (RAFEQIE-2020) in collaboration with NAAC, Bangalore.
  5. Organized one-week online Faculty Development programme (FDP) on “IoT: Recent Advancements and Applications (IRAA-2020)”
    1. MIS In-Charge for TEQIP-III cell of VSSUT, Burla.
    2. NBA Coordinator for the Department of Information Technology.
    3. Member, Technical committee for University e-Governance System, VSSUT, Burla.
    4. Coordinator, Office of Training & Placement
    5. Faculty in-charge, Advanced computing Lab, Department of IT
    6. Member, Internet Committee
    7. Coordinator for Faculty and Planning office
    8. Member, Departmental purchase Committee of IT Department
    9. IQAC, Co-cordinator for IT Department
    10. Committee member for maintaing University website
  • PAST
    1. Departmental Time Table in charge from November 2011 to December 2013.
    2. Faculty advisor for Athletic Club –(2013-2014), VSSUT, Burla.
    3. Assistant Warden in Atri Hall of Residence, VSSUT, Burla.
    4. Member, Selection of contractual teachers in the department.
    5. Faculty Advisor-IT Society
    6. Co-ordinator for the online workshop for VSSUT students conducted by IIT, Bombay
    7. Faculty Advisor- Vassunt.
    8. Member, Departmental purchase committee, Central Internet Facility, VSSUT, Burla.
    9. Associate Nodal Officer for OJEE Counselling at VSSUT, Burla in the year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.
Present Address : 
Qr No – E-6/1
Park Lane, Vivekananda Marg,
Burla, Sambalpur,
Odisha- 768017
  Permanent Address : 
Qr No – E-6/1
Park Lane, Vivekananda Marg,
Burla, Sambalpur,
Odisha- 768017