Electrical Engineering

Name : Dr. Manish Tripathy
Designation : Associate Professor
Phone No. : +91-9861041031
Email Id : manish_tripathy@yahoo.co.in, mtripathy_ee@vssut.ac.in
Date of Birth : 28-02-1970
Date of Joining : 16-01-2006

B.E. (S.U.,1991), M.E. (S.U., 2002), Ph.D.(IIT Delhi, 2009)

Power System Engineering

1. Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, V.S.S.U.T, Burla, Odisha (From 16th May 2015, till date).
2. Reader, Department of Electrical Engineering, V.S.S.U.T, Burla, Odisha (From 29th September 2010, till 15th May 2015 ).
3. Sr.Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, V.S.S.U.T, Burla, Odisha (From 16th Jan. 2010, till 28th September 2010).
4. Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, V.S.S.U.T, Burla, Odisha (From 16th Jan. 2006, till 16th Jan. 2010).
5. Asst. Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, O.E.C, BBSR, Odisha (From 1st Dec. 2001, till 20th December 2003)
6. Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering, O.E.C, BBSR (From 9th December 1997, till 30th November 2001)
7.Asst. Manager(Elect.), Jindal Strips Ltd., Raigarh , Chattisgarh(From 1st August 1995 to 7th December,1997)
8. Project Engineer ( Elect.) Adarsh Chem. and Fertilizers Ltd., Surat, Gujrat(From 1st January 1993 to 9th September,1993)

9.Trainee Engineer(Elect.), Garden Varelli Silk Mills Ltd., Surat, Gujrat (From 1st January 1992 to 31st December,1992)

Graduate Level : : Power Electronics, Switch Gear and Protective Devices
Post Graduate Level : Power Systems Analysis, Power System Dynamics, Power Elec tronics Devcices-II

Power Systems Dynamics and Stability, PSS, FACTs Devices, Application Intelligent Techniques in Power System optimization and Control, Optimal Power Flow, Wind Power, Micro Grid.

Ph. D. Candidates : 3 numbers students awarded as Supervisor
2 numbers of students awarded as Co- supervisor
M. Tech. Candidates : 20 numbers (Completed), 02(continuing)
Member IEEE ( No: 93436345)
LMISTE( No: LM77321/ 2011 )

International Publications

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FDP Course on Modelling and Control of Micro Grid -2018(MACMG-2018), 25th June- 7th July, 2018, VSSUT Burla
  1. Chairman-in-Charge, OJEE, Odisha (January 2018-June 2018)
  2. Vice Chairman, OJEE, Odisha, w.e.f May 2016 ( Continuing)
  3. Coordinator, Training and Placement, VSSUT, BURLA
  4. Member Board of Studies, Department of Electrical Engineering , VSSUT, BURLA
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QTRS No: M4R/4 , Professors’ Colony
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At: Madhubanpara, Po/Dist: Raigarh Chattisgarh, PIN:496001