Electrical Engineering

Name : Dr. (Ms.) Banaja Mohanty
Designation : Associate Professor
Phone No. : +919437152730
Email Id : banaja_m@yahoo.com
Date of Birth : 20-05-1977
Date of Joining : 26-01-2006

B.Tech.(C.E.T,O.U.A.T, BBSR), M.Tech.(U.C.E, S.U,Burla), Ph.D(VSSUT, Burla)

Power System

1. S.I.E.T,DKL : 2002-2006
2. VSSUT : 2006-contd

Graduate Level : BEE, NT, Electric M/C, Electric drives and traction, PS-II
Post Graduate Level : PSM, Electric M/c dynamics, power quality

Power system

Ph. D. Candidates : NIL
M. Tech. Candidates : 08 Nos

International Publications

  1. A.K.Pradhan, A. Routray ,Banaja Mohanty, Maximum efficiency of flexible AC transmission system, international journal of  electric power and energy system, Elsevier Science , vol. 28 , 2006,pp-581-588.
  2. S.panda, B.Mohanty, P.K.Hota, “Hybrid BFOA-PSO algorithm for automatic generation control of linear and nonlinear interconnected power systems”, Applied Soft Computing , Elsevier Science,  Vol. 13 (12), 2013,pp 4718-4730.
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  4. B Mohanty, S Panda, PK.Hota, “Differential evolution algorithm based automatic generation control for interconnected power system with governor dead-band non-linearity” Alexandria ENGG journal, Elsevier Science ,Vol 53(3),2014,pp-537-552.
  5. B.Mohanty, P.K. Hota, “Nonlinear load frequency control of interconnected hydro-thermal system using differential evolution technique” International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Electronics and Communication Engineering (WASET), Vol.8(2), 2014, pp 460-67.
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  7. B.Mohanty, “TLBO optimized sliding mode controller for multi-area multi-source nonlinear interconnected AGC system” Electrical Power and Energy Systems 73 (2015) 872–881.
  8. Banaja Mohanty, Prakash Kumar Hota, “Comparative performance analysis of fruit fly optimisation algorithm for multi-area multisource automatic generation control under deregulated environment” accepted to be published IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

National Publications

  1. P.K.Hota, B.Mohanty, Congestion management through differential evolution based optimal rescheduling of generators, The institute of engineers (India), 2012, 53, pp-339-346.
  2. P.K.Hota, B.Mohanty, An auction based dispatch algorithm for deregulated power system, The institute of Engineers(India), 2013, 54, pp-181-188.
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  4. P. K. Hota & Banaja Mohanty, “Bacterial foraging optimization algorithm based interconnected hydro-thermal AGC system with GRC and TCPS”, Annual Journal of the Odisha Engineers’ Forum, Vertex-2013, Vol. 2, pp 26-32.

International Conferences

  1. Sunita Patel, Banaja Mohanty, “A Hybrid PSO-SA Optimized PI Controller for Interconnected AGC System”Recent Advances In Renewable Energy Sources And Control-2015, VSSUT
  2. B. Mohanty, P. K. Hota and A. paikray “Performance evaluation of differential evolution algorithm on automatic generation control”, ICCPT, 20th Mar-2014, IEEE conference.
  3. A. Paikray and B. Mohanty, “A New Multicarrier SPWM Technique for Five level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter ”, IEEE International Conference on Green Computing, Communication and Electrical Engineering, Coimbatore, pp.446-451, 6th-8th Mar. 2014.
  4. A. Paikray and B. Mohanty, "Two-Stage Grid Connected Photovoltaic Inverter Employing Maximum Power Point Tracking”, IEEE Sponsored National Conference on Energy, Power and Intelligent Control Systems, Geater Noida, 28th -29th March 2014.
  5. A. Paikray and B. Mohanty, “Performance Evaluation of PWM Techniques for Three Phase Seven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter”, All India Seminar on Modern Trends in Power system Operation, Control and Management, The Institution of Engineers (India) Bhubaneswar, pp.164-169,16th -17th Feb 2014.
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