Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Name : Dr. Santi Behera
Designation : Associate Professor
Phone No. : 0663-2430024, 8763353194
Email Id : bsanti.uce@gmail.com
Date of Birth : 03-07-1972
Date of Joining : 19-09-2001

B.Tech(ElectricalEngineering),C.E.T,O.U.A.T,Bhubaneswar. 1995 M.E (Power System Engineering) Sambalpur Universuty. 1999 Ph.D(NIT, Rkl).

Power system stability, optimization techniques.PSAT

Teaching experience 21 Years

Graduate Level :
  1. Network theory
  2. Electrical machines-I
  3. Electrical machines-II
  4. Elements of electrical machines
  5. Electrical engineering material
  6. Analogue electronics.
  7. Power system -I
Post Graduate Level :
  1. Distribution System Engineering
  2. Computer aided power system
  3. Digital protection of power system
  4. Power quality.
Doctoral level
  1. Power Quality
  2. DSE

Voltage stability using intelligent techniques, Power quality, Renewable energy sources.

Ph. D. Candidates : 03 continuing
M. Tech. Candidates : 13
  1. Power quality analysis of the hybrid SPV-wind integrated system with the use of FC and STATCOM. “INSTITUTION PRIZE” 2019
  2. Detection and Classification of Fault in DG System by Neuro-Fuzzy Technique “INSTITUTION AWARD”2020
  3. Institution award20 Feb 2005 46th Annual Technical Session ,Institution of Engineers (India), Odisha

International Publications

  1. International Journals 2 ( Nos. with details of all publications be given) Santi Behera, M. Tripathy, and J. K. Satapathy “Optimal Placement and Sizing of SVC for Load Margin Improvement Using BF Algorithm,” World Academy of Science,Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Electrical, Computer, Energetic,Electronic and Communication Engineering, Vol. 8, No.10, pp. 1653-1658, 2014.
  2. Santi Behera, M. Tripathy, and J. K. Satapathy, “A novel approach for voltage secure operation using probabilistic Neural Network in Transmission Network,” ELSEVIER, Journal of Electrical Systems and Information Technology vol.3. pp. 141-150, 2016.
  3. BK Panigrahi, R. Panda and S. Behera, “Scale frequency analysis of power quality disturbances”, Iranian Journal of Electrical and Computer EnEngineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, Summer-fall 2004, pp.126-131

International Conferences

  1. Santi Behera, M. Tripathy, and J. K. Satapathy, “An Unique Approach for Voltage Stability improvement using Probabilistic Neural Network,” IEEE India International Conference on Electronics, Energy, Environment, Communication, Computer, Control, ,(INDICON) 17th -20th Dec, 2015, New Delhi ISBN:978-1-4673-6504-8.
  2. Santi Behera, and M. Tripathy, “Optimal Reactive Power Compensation for Improvement of Steady State Voltage Stability Limit under Stressed System Condition using BF Algorithm,” Semcco and Fanco, vol. 7677, pp 388-397, 2012.
  3. Santi Behera, and J.M. Behera, “Challenges in financing in small hydro projects in India-Investors Perspectives and possible solution,” In the proceedings of International seminar on renewable and sustainable energy, OHPC, Bhubaneswar, pp. 289-299, 2013.
  4. Placement of statcom for improving the loadability & voltage instability using PSAT, RAIEE’14
  5. Role of STATCOM for Enhancement of Steady State Voltage Stability Margin in Power Systems, Power Electronics Systems and Applications’14 Power Electronics Systems and Applications’14
  6. Causes and Prevention of Voltage Insecurity Crisis: A survey on literatures, National seminar RAPEC 2013
  7. Online prediction of voltage collapse using a node voltage stability index, National level seminar, RAMPS-12
  8. Short term load forecasting using ANN, Annual state congress Institute of Engineers'OSC, BBSR
  9. A Novel Technique Towards Optimal Placement And Sizing Of Reactive Power For Voltage Secure Operation Using BFO Algorithm, Recent advances in renewable energy and control-2015
  10. Detection and classification  of power quality disturbance using phase corrected wavelet and artificial neural network, Technical Annual session, Institute of Engineers, PP.87-92, 2005
  1. Frequency Regulation of a Multi-area Renewable Power System Incorporating with Energy Storage Technologies
  2. Detection and Classification of Fault in Distributed Generation System Using Neuro-Fuzzy Technique
  1. Member, DAC
  2. Member DSC
  3. Asst. Warden 2001-2003
  4. Asst. warden 2010-2012
  5. Warden 2015-2017
  6. Member, women cell 2001-20011.
  7. Member , Complaints Committee(Sexual Harassment and violence against women )14.11.2011-2018
  8. Member, academic council 2012-2013
  9. Member conducting board
  10. Member, board of studies
  11. Coordinator, EAP TEQIP
  12. Vice-President, Music Club 2011-12

Any other Distinction

Guest talk for the CAREER GUIDANCE . in SISHU MANDIR ,BURLA For the GIRL students. 2010-2014
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Qr. 3R-12, VSSUT, Burla, Sambalpur. Odisha,768018
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