Faculties of Mathematics

Jayaprakash Panda
Name : Prof. Jayaprakash Panda
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.
Specialization : Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Analysis
Susanta Kumar Paikray
Name : Prof. Susanta Kumar Paikray
Designation : Professor
Qualification :
  1. Ph.D (Mathematics), 2010, awarded from Berhampur University.
  2. M. Phil. (Mathematics), 2000, awarded from Ravenshaw (Auto) college, Utkal University.
  3. M. Sc. (Mathematics)from Ravenshaw (Auto) college, Utkal University, 1998 having 1st class 1st.
  4. B. Sc. (Hons. Mathematics), 1996, Utkal University having 1st class & Distinction.
Specialization : Summability Theory, Fourier Series, Operations Research, Graph Theory.
Mahendra Kumar Jena
Name : Dr. Mahendra Kumar Jena
Designation : Associate Professor & Head
Qualification : M.Sc(Sambalpur University), Ph.D (IIT Kanpur), PDF(IIT Bombay, IHPC Singapore)
Specialization : Numerical Analysis
Saroj Kumar Padhan
Name : Dr. Saroj Kumar Padhan
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : BA(Sambalpur University), MA(Sambalpur University), M.Phil(Sambalpur University), Ph.D (IIT Kharagpur)
Specialization : Optimization, Functional Analysis, Fractional Calculus
Itishree Nayak
Name : Dr. Itishree Nayak
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : Graduation-R.D.women's college, Utkal university 1995-1998 Post graduation- Utkal University, Vani-Vihar 1998-2000 M.phil -Utkal University ,Vani-Vihar. 2000-2001 Ph.D-Utkal University.
Specialization : Fluid Dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Numerical Analysis, numerical solution of partial differential equation
Ashok Kumar Sahoo
Name : Dr. Ashok Kumar Sahoo
Designation : Assistant Professor(On Lien)
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil., MTech.(Comp. Sc.) Ph.D. (Utkal University).
Specialization : Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Cryptography, Theory of Computation
Smrutiranjan Mohapatra
Name : Dr. Smrutiranjan Mohapatra
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : PhD (IIT Guwahati, 2005-2009), PDF (IISc. Bangalore)
Specialization : Interaction of waves with submerged structure(s), Water wave problems with floating elastic plate(s), Flows in porous media
Niran Meher
Name : Mr. Niran Meher
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : On Leave for Ph.D. (IIT Bhubaneswar), M.Sc. (IIT Bombay) , B.Sc.(Hons) in Math & Computing (IMA, Bhubaneswar)
Specialization : Monotone Inclusion problems, Varitional Inequality, and Continous Optimization.