Electrical & Electronics Engineering Laboratories

The Department is in process of establishing following labs to provide hands-on experience to students, and also to support faculties in their research areas, related to EEE.

S.No. Name of the Labs(as per Course Curriculum)(UG, BTech and PhD) Major Equipment
1 Network Theory Lab Choke coils, Single Phase Energy Meter, CRO's, Rheostats, Wattmeter's, Function Generators Spectral analyser of a non-sinusoidal wave form.
2 Measurement and InstrumentationLab Kelvin's double bridge, Potential Transformers, Thermo Couples, Current Transformers, Traducer & instrumentation kit: force, displacement, moisture, velocity measurement; Linear system simulator.
3 Analog and Digital ElectronicsLab BJT basing kit; Power amplifiers kit; FET characteristics kit; Oscilloscope, Function generator, Transistor power supply; Digital IC trainer kit, FPGA kit, Xilinx kit.
4 Microprocessor &MicrocontrollerLab 8085 and 8086 microprocessors kits (LCD version), 8051 microcontroller (LCD version), LCD interfacing with 8051, DAC, ADC interfacing with 8051, 8085 Microprocessor based relay testing kit, Stepper motor controller interface.
5 CAD of Electrical ApparatusLab MATLAB & Simulink platform; OPEL-RT, hardware to be procured.
6 Signal & Systems I Lab * Performed using MATLAB & Simulink platform; hardware to be procured.
7 Signal & Systems II Lab * Performed using MATLAB & Simulink platform; hardware to be procured.
8 Communication SystemLab* Performed using MATLAB & Simulink platform; hardware to be procured.
9 Control SystemLab Digital Control, Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Trainer; PAC module, NI-cRIO, ELVIS-III, Inverted Pendulum.
10 Automation and SensorsLab ** Smart Sensors Testing and Calibration facility, Data Acquisition module, NI-cRIO, ELVIS-III, LabVIEW.
This facility is designed to provide high end support to Measurement lab of UG program as well as a state-of-the-art facility for research purposes.
11 Real Time Digital Simulation Lab (RTDS lab) This facility is created to provide advanced support to CAD Electrical Apparatus lab of UG program using OPAL-RT, a Real Time Digital Simulator to carry out project development and research in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Electric Vehicles, and Renewal Energy.
  NOTE: All the labs are under procurement process of new equipment, both in terms of hardware and software after independently functioning as separate department from Jan. 2020.
** The lab is sponsored in part under Research Scheme on Power (RSoP) by central power research institute (CPRI), Bangalore, Ministry of Power (MoP), Govt. of India, and also supported in part under NPIU-MHRD, TEQIP-III under Collaborative Research and Innovation (CRI) Scheme.
* The lab is supported in part by NPIU-MHRD, TEQIP-III under Collaborative Research and Innovation (CRI) Scheme.

The Faculty In-Charge of aforementioned labs are as follows:

S. No. Name of the Labs (for UG, BTech and Project/Research work) Faculty In-Charge Room no.
1 CAD Electrical Apparatus Lab Dr. Sasmita Behera E-301
2 Signals Lab (Signals and Systems –I lab and Signals and Systems – II lab) Ms. S. Garnaik (Ms. S. Garnaik and Dr. L. Dora respectively) E-302
3 Embedded System Lab (Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab & Analog and Digital lab) Dr. L. Dora (Dr. L. Dora and Mr. P. K. Parida respectively) E-303
3 Measurement Lab (Measurement and Instrumentation lab and Control System lab) Mr. B. P. Sahoo E-304
4 Circuits and Communication Lab (Network lab and Communication System lab) Mr. P. K. Parida E-305
5 B. Tech. – EEE Project Lab Prof. R. K. Sahu E-306
6 Ph.D. Research Lab Dr. G. R. Biswal E-206
7 Automation and Sensors Lab Dr. G. R. Biswal E-101
8 Real Time Digital Simulation Lab (RTDS lab) (AI and Machine Learning lab & EV and Renewal Energy lab) Prof. R. K. Sahu (Prof. R. K. Sahu and Dr. Santi Behera respectively) E-102
9 Master’s Project Lab (masters project lab and department library cum store) Dr. Santi Behera (Dr. Santi Behera and Ms. S. Garnaik) E-103(A)