Electronics and Tele-communication Laboratories

Microprocessor Laboratory: 

Equipped with about 25 different Microprocessor kits and about 25 Microcontroller kits, PC’s and other experimental modules.

Electronics circuits Laboratory: 

Equipped with many modern training modules for basic electronics which lay the foundation for experimentation and design of complicated circuitry and a thorough knowledge of the properties and characteristics of different devices.


Communication Systems Laboratory:

Equipped with two Benchmark fibre Optics experimental kits, Storage Oscilloscopes, B.W. and Colour TV. demonstration Kits, Signal analyzer and other experimental modules.


Microwave and Radiation Laboratory:

It has 8753 AHP Vector Network Analyzer, TR 4172 Spectrum Analyzer, Giga Synthesized microwave source and other sophisticated equipments like Microwave benches etc.

Digital Electronics and Instrumentation Laboratory:

Equipped with  Digital Instrumentation tutors and about 30 nos. of experimental modules and other equipments.

Telecom. System Engg. Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with state of the art technology intelligent robot Pioneer-2DE procured from Active media Robotics LLC, USA, whose Cognition is being developed here. Graduate and Undergraduate students undertake their Project work on Building various programs for robots. This laboratory is equipped with latest PCs

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with Pentium IV Machines, scanner and post script printer, Related software, Digital camera and MATLAB, DSP kits & DSP Processors etc. Adequate facilities are available for both graduate and undergraduate students to take up their project work, in the areas of Digital Signal and Image Processing.

VLSI Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with 30 nos. of Dual Core Pentium Machines, with FPGA kits and Xilinx , Microwind, Orcard PSPICE software for both undergraduate and post graduate students. Circuit design, Simulation, Synthesis and Downloading to specified FPGA Kits enables the students to have both theoretical and practical knowledge on VLSI.

Basic circuit lab.

List of Equipments


M/S.Name Type/Model No. Sl.No. of Inst. Qty
Toshniwal EE0506 654 1
655 1
656 1
657 1
Systronics 1011 168 1
171 1
Aplab 2002 1278/17 1
1278/9 1
1279/12 1
1278/8 1
279/12 1
279/10 1
279/11 1
279/9 1
001139 1
Farnell Systronics 1011 1124 1
1125 1
1251 1
Systronics 1012 3115 1
3117 1
    Total 20