Information Technology Laboratories

The Department of Information Technology consists of the following laboratories –

  1. Computing Laboratory – II

    The laboratory is networked with 40 Nos. of HP Intel Core i7 @3.4 GHz, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB 7200rpm HDD, Windows 8 Professional OS (406 G1) desktops. Various sessional such as Operating System, Computational, Data Structure, etc are conducted in this laboratory..

  2. Simulation Laboratory

    The laboratory is well equipped with 30 Nos. of Intel Core i7 processor under Windows 8 Platform. Open Source Software such as Dev C++ is installed for simulating the computer organization experiments. Other simulators such as 8085, 8086 simulators for assembly language program, gcc, g++ and java are available for the students’ sessional use.

  3. M.Tech Research Scholars’ Laboratory The laboratory is well equipped with 20 Nos. of HP ProOne 400 G1 Intel Core i3 4130, H8 Chipset, 4GB DDR-3 500GB HDD, 20’ wide LED monitor all in one PC under Linux OS. This lab is exclusively dedicated for the M.Tech scholars to carry out their research work.

  4. Advanced Computing Laboratory The new laboratory is currently in the setup phase to cater to various computing needs of the students.