Electrical & Electronics Engineering Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B.Tech. 4th Measurement and Instrumentation(Module-5) BEL04002 Download
2 B.Tech 4th Measurement and Instrumentation(Module-1) BEL04002 Download
3 B.Tech 4th Measurement and Instrumentation(Module-2) BEL04002 Download
4 B.Tech 4th Measurement and Instrumentation(Module-3) BEL04002 Download
5 B.Tech 3rd Network Theory(Lecture 1_NAS) BEE 1303 Download
6 B.Tech 3rd Network Theory(Lecture 2_NAS) BEE 1303 Download
7 B.Tech 3rd Network Theory(Lecture 3_NAS) BEE 1303 Download
8 B.Tech 3rd Network Theory(Lecture 4_NAS) BEE 1303 Download
9 B.Tech 3rd Network Theory(Lecture 5_NAS) BEE 1303 Download
10 B.Tech 1st & 2nd Basic Electrical Engineering BEE-1101 Download
11 B.Tech 3rd Electrical Machine 1 (Part-1) BEE-1302 Download
12 B.Tech 3rd Electrical Machine 1 (Part-2) BEE-1302 Download
13 B.Tech 4th Electrical Machine-II (Part-I) BEE 1401 Download
14 B.Tech 4th Electrical Machine-II (Part-II) BEE 1401 Download
15 B.Tech 4th Electronics Circuits Download
16 B.Tech 5th signals and systems - I BEE- 1605 Download
17 B.Tech 5th Microprocessor and Micro-controller Theory and Applications BEE-1501 Download
18 B.Tech 5th Digital Circuit and Design BEC 1405 Download
19 B.Tech 5th Power System-I BEE1507 Download
20 B.Tech 6th Power Electronics BEE 1602 Download
21 B.Tech 6th Power System-II BEE 1604 Download
22 B.Tech 6th Electromagnetic Theory Download
23 B.Tech 6th Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Download
24 B.Tech 6th Control System Engineering - I Download
25 B.Tech 7th Power System-III BEE 1711 Download
26 B.Tech 7th Control System Engineering-II CSE-II Download
27 B.Tech 7th Electrical Engineering Material(Core Elective-2) Download
28 B.Tech 7th Embedded System(Core Elective-2) Download
29 B.Tech. 7th Electrical Drives and Traction(Core Elective-1) BEE Download