Production Engineering Lecture Notes

S.N. Programme Semester Name of Subject Subject Code Download
1 B. Tech/M. Tech 7th/1st Rapid Protototyping PE 15-025 Download
2 B.Tech 7th Non-Traditional Machining (NTM) BMS 401 Download
3 B.Tech Maintenance Engineering & Management BPE 412 Download
4 B.Tech 6th Theory Of Metal Forming BPE 309 Download
5 B.Tech Automation and Numerical Control Machines (ANCM) Download
6 B.Tech. 7th Principle of Machine Tools BPE 403 Download
7 B.Tech 5th Theory of Metal Cutting BPE 301 Download
8 B.Tech 5th Materials Engineering & Metallurgy (MEM) BPE 402 Download
9 B.Tech 7th Computer integrated Manufacturing BMS 406 Download
10 B.Tech 7th Advanced casting and welding BMS 405 Download