Chemistry Research & Consultancy

Consultancy work is taken up in the area of Cement analysis, Lime stone analysis, Analysis of lubricating oil, Water analysis, Coal analysis, Analysis of Deposits in boilers, Alloy analysis and Organic material analysis. The department has well equipped lab for all types of chemical testing in the field of diverse materials The department already possesses pH meters, colorimeter, conductivity meter, cold water bath, muffle furnace, electronic balance and standard ovens to carry out different research and consultancy works.

Consultancy Work
Department providing consultancy to different institution and mines in the state of Odisha in the following areas:

  • Portability test of drinking water
  • Fuel quality parameter testing
  • Ore analysis
  • Coal Testing
  • Environmental Impact Assessment of industry and mines and preparation of environmental management report.
  • Water pollution and air pollution monitoring of industry and mines

Research Proficiency of Departments:

  • Number of publication in last 5 years: 120
  • Number of PhD awarded by the faculty members: 24
  • Average number of papers per year in SCI/Scopus journals: 20
  • Number of projects handled by faculty members: 10
  • Number of patent approved in department: 03 ( USA, Korea, Indian)



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Name of Faculty/Department Title of the Project Funding Agency Amount
Department of Chemistry Preparation of Surface Runoff and Dump Management Plan of Saruabil Chromite Mines. Misrillal Mines Pvt Ltd. 3,00,000 
Consultancy in Water Testing Aditya Aluminum HINDALCO Industries Limited., Odisha 28,000
Consultancy in Water Testing Blue Fox,HINDALCO Ltd Odisha 18,000
Consultancy in Testing of Purity of Diesel OiI Indian Oil Corporation Limited 79,000
Total 4,25,000

Prestigious awards confirmed by faculty members

  • Portability test of drinking water
  • Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award from OBA, DST, Govt. Of Odisha
  • DAE Young scientist award from Govt. India
  • INSA Fellowship
  • JNCASR Fellowship
  • R K Nanda Award from Orissa Chemical Society
  • Dayanidhi Pattanaik award from Orissa Chemical Society
  • Etc. many more