Computer Application Workshop & Seminar

The Department of MCA focuses on unique model based education for the students, where Teachers/Instructors as knowledge facilitator in order to explore the Strategic knowledge of the subject matter with the help of Unbounded, innovative, instructional approaches, facilitating Two way learning style with Focus on what is, what can be – of today’s technological domain, maintaining Flexible student evaluation schemes with Focus upon application of information Recognition of experimental learning.

The Department regularly conducts seminars, workshops, technical competitions, paper presentations, spot programming etc. throughout the academic year.

Recently, On the Occasion of ADHRIT-2013 (The Annual Technical Festival of the Department), the Department with assistance from LIT, Bhubaneswar organized an Workshop focusing on Open Source Programming, Web Designing & Hosting, Research and Development. The objective of the Workshop was to encourage the student community in Orissa to actively contribute to Open Source projects and to provide an opportunity for collaboration between universities and the industry in the area of Open Source development. The event involved active participation both from the academia and the industry.