Electrical & Electronics Engineering Workshop & Seminar

    • The Department has also organized different types of continuing education programmes, namely, STTP/STC/FDP etc. for the benefit of the field engineers and the faculties of various institutions inside as well as outside the state. Some of the lists of programs are as follows:
    • I. AICTE QIP Sponsored Short Term Course on “Intelligent Control and Sensing of Smart Grid and Smart Cities”, Duration: One Week (30.04.2018 to 05.05.2018). [Coordinator: Dr. Gyan Ranjan Biswal].

      II. TEQIP-III Sponsored STC on “Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Systems using MATLAB/Simulink”, Duration: One Week (28.10.2019 to 02.11.2019). [Coordinator: Dr. Sasmita Behera].

      III. AICTE Sponsored STTP on “Applications of Soft Computing in Power System”, Duration: One Week (02.12.2019 to 07.12.2019). [Coordinator: Dr. Sasmita Behera]
    • Course Restructuration: New course curricular development; with effect from AY 2019-20
    • I. Dr. Sasmita Behera for B.Tech. – EEE
      II. Dr. Gyan Ranjan Biswal for M.Tech. – C&I (EE)